Friday, May 13, 2016

Warlord Games Panther A

Well, I have finally "finished" the second Warlord Games Panther A tank. It probably needs a coat of matt varnish to remove the slightly "wet look".

The skirts were not fitted before the Citadel Chaos Black undercoat but were sprayed separately. They were then fitted and the whole tank sprayed with Plastic Soldier Company Late War German Tank paint from a can.

Camouflage was added using Vallejo 896 Extra Dark Green and 822 German Camouflage Black Brown. The track and spare links were painted a mix of Vallejo Black and Vallejo Hull red. Metal tools and the AA ring were painted with Vallejo Black Grey. The handles of the tools and the block for the jack were painted with Vallejo Old Wood. Straps were painted with Vallejo Khaki.

Track links were dry brushed with Citadel Ryza Rust. The AA ring was highlighted with Vallejo London Grey. Chips were added round the hatches using Vallejo Black Grey and London Grey. The exhaust ports were painted using a Vallejo Hull Red and black mix then dry brushed with Citadel Ryza red. Citadel Nuln Oil shade was used for exhaust and powder effects.

The vehicle number is from the Rubicon German transfer set (the Tiger specifically) and the Balkenkreus from Warlord Games. Each was placed and then varnished. One of the Balkenkreus used four transfers before I got it right (the joys of zimmerit).

 Detail of the spare track links.