Thursday, November 21, 2013

M113 Work In Progress

One of the key features of this blog is the glacial progress I make with these projects.

At Colours I bought an Empress Miniatures M113 APC.

There will be a full build item, but due to the jolly British weather it is on hold until I can get it undercoated.

The kit comes with optional rear fuel tanks and a TOW launcher.

However, at Warfare in Reading I picked up Crooked Dice's Villains' Programme Guide. One of the villainous organisations (United Radionics' FEDSEC) have an option for an APC. If I had read that before leaving the show, I would have bought another M113 for my FEDSEC troops to be configured with a converted Minion HMG in the cupola.

In the meantime, here is the unpainted M113 and a FEDSEC trooper.

As with all previous Empress/Imprint models, the kit goes together easily, but care needs to be taken as the resins used for the major mouldings bonds swiftly and strongly with superglue.