Friday, September 30, 2011

Captain Black Cosplay Competition

Work in progress on the Time Lift Security figures from Crooked Dice.

I have straightened, cropped and resized the picture, that is all.

Colours 2011

After a very long time, I finally went to Colours.

The last time it was in Reading, and I am not sure how long ago that was.

I was extremely lucky to be passing the Crooked Dice participation game when they were looking for players for "You Only Live Dice " (see the Salute 2011 post for more pictures or the Crooked Dice web site/forum).

A very good time was had by the players, with partial victories on both sides as Department X stopped the chemical attack on the Peace Conference (note to Villains, buy better quality containers) and my Villainous Star made use of his jet pack and the Auto-Gyro to make his escape.
The game won the Colours 2011 Best Participation Game.

For the rest of the show I wondered round seeing stuff I wanted to buy, and then forgetting where I saw it (so no change there).

I had an interesting conversation with the representative of the Plastic Soldier Company about plans to add 28mm vehicles to the current 28mm Russians infantry. I do hope that some of the vehicles are produced as hard plastic kits. The smaller (1/72 and 15mm) ones look very nice. I picked up the Russian Infantry, Support Weapons and Antitank Guns. Pictures when I get round to painting them.

Warlord Games supplied a Jeep, a Kubelwagen and a Cromwell tank which I hope to start soon.

Empress Miniatures (as Imprint Moderns) do a very nice range of Modern vehicles, I have one of their T90 tanks under construction. Very nice resin mouldings and easy to put together.

Figures In Comfort had a nice blue figure case which will take my 7TV and Doctor Who figures, unfortunately it is not bigger on the inside.

Westwind had the new Incursion: SNAFU figures and also Incursion on special.

Ainsty supplied some new backgrounds, which are being painted. I did forget to get a water cooler. Never mind.

I had not expected to go to Colours, so had ordered the new Time Lift Security from Crooked Dice, so I only added another two packs of TLS to the four I had ordered by post and received on Friday. The delightful Haydon suggested using them for a Blood Bowl team.

Overall, an enjoyable show, the game was extremely fun and I made it back in time for Doctor Who.