Friday, September 27, 2013

For the Greater Good, part three

I make haste slowly.

First squad of Firewarriors.

Same style as the earlier one.

I have two Crisis suits nearly finished, I just need to get them and the camera in the same place.

The most dangerous weapon in the enemies arsenal is...

... your lieutenant with a map...

First of the Perry Miniatures 8th Army figures.

Very nice they are, though smaller than other 28mm figures.

Hopefully I will paint some more up, and the matching Afrika Korp I got at Colours.

Now to get some matching vehicles.

For William, even putting the bins out is an Adventure...

Crooked Dice's William Killan puts out the bins (Offensive Miniatures), unaware that United Radionics have designs on him.

Maybe he can escape in the elderly VW Beetle?

The 'Beetle' is a Company B Volkswagen Type 82 E staff car (a 1938 design sharing the chassis of a Kubelwagen).

Great Escape Games had them at Colours.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Girl Power

Wargames Factory have released their Apocalypse Survivors: The Women multipart 28mm scale plastic figures.

The box contains three sprues of ten identical figures and one sprue of additional weapons.

Scale wise, they look compatible with ranges such as Crooked Dice.

Terrible flash effect in the photograph.

Some of the poses are a bit extreme, generic poses are more useful if you are going to have lots of the same figure (an advantage of the Studio Miniatures zombies, four generic poses rather than the ten weird poses of the Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens).

The woman with the RPG is a bit odd and I am a bit dubious about the figure, but I will see if I find it acceptable.