Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tweedy investigates, with assistance

Sometimes Department X needs assistance from Her Majesty's Armed Forces. Tweedy attempts to open the locked roller shutter while Private Jones keeps watch.

At Salute I  bought a set of Westwind's Berlin or Bust SHS British Infantry in steel helmets heads. The body is the Crooked Dice armed minion with rifle.

When Crooked Dice released the Armed Minions with rifles I had thought they would make good British Infantry. I had tried some of the Westwind SOTR British Infantry infantry in helmet and gasmask heads and they were a very good match. As you may have seen earlier I have used the same source's heads in beret and gasmask for a UNIT flamethrower.

There will be a squad with bazooka and flamethrower support.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Let us Regroup...

Heresy Miniatures have just released their Sharclon range of High Gravity Low Stature Clone Warriors.

This is my first painted one, together with 7TVs Tweedy Mattison.

Friday, April 26, 2013

New Zombies (2)

Studio Miniatures have recently released a plastic sprue of four multi part zombies.

As you can see from the accompanying photographs, the sprue is made up of four different bodies, eight heads and six pairs of arms. A set of flat Renedra 25mm diameter bases are included in the box.

The figures are well sculpted, the mouldings are clean and with minimum flash. The only downside is the moulded base. As I base my figure on paved surface, I used a razor saw to remove the base.

I bought the bargain bucket option, building sixty zombies, though individual sprues are available from Hasslefree and direct from Studio Miniatures.

Finally, for scale here is a completed zombie giving William Killan a bit of a fright.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

New Zombies (1)

Studio Miniatures have just released a set of multi part plastic zombies.
Each sprue contains four bodies with separate heads and arms. A complete review will follow shortly.

But as a teaser, here is one zombie, with Crooked Dice's William Killan for scale.

7th Voyage

To celebrate the arrival of Crooked Dice's new 7th Voyage game of Stop Motion Movie Action, I dug out a suitable completed miniature.
The figure is a Casandra, belly dancer and spy from Eureka Miniatures.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Salute 2013

Salute 2013 started bright and early. The queues at Excel were long, but good natured.

Unfortunately time was not on my side, so I had set an exit time of 1330

First stop was those awfully nice people from Crooked Dice. I picked up 7th Voyage (stop motion adventure war gaming) and the 7TV Hero Programme guide, plus this month's figure releases. I only had time for a quick look at their quick play games, but the boards looked excellent.

Next up was Hasslefree. This time I had a list to work from, so I think I got everything I was after. I finally managed to get an Oakley figure as the basis for the Dependable Deputy Co-Star for 7everence.

Heresy have just released their Sharclon range of High Gravity Clone Warriors. I also managed to remember to get one of their Arthurius figures that I forgot last year.

Westwind had a few new miniatures, but most of their releases are tied to their Kickstarter process, but they did have their Berlin Or Bust separate heads on sale, so I picked up the British, US and Soviet ones. They will be used with the Crooked Dice armed Minions.

A pleasant surprise was Empress Miniatures, they had a new European Theatre Challenger 2 model (ie no add on armour etc.). I also picked up their new British figures including two aircrew on foot. Still hoping for a CVR(T) Spartan to go along with the Scimitar.

Renedra had their new 28mm Barn model, which will go nicely with the American Farm, Store and Church for 7ombieTV games. Some additional bases will come in handy, their cavalry bases will make useful sub bases for their graveyard set.

The Perrys had their new 8th Army figures and a matching Universal Carrier in resin. They look nice, though perhaps a bit small compared to the Bolt Action figures I am used to to. Comparison shots will be up later. They come with 20mm round bases, I have decided to use 25mm round instead, the same as the Bolt Action figures, even if I never use them together.

Offensive Miniatures had some new Riot figures, including a Police Dog set, a contrast to the Crooked Dice Police dog handler from a gentler age,

I ordered a Victorian SIFI building from Sarissa Precision, hopefully that will arrive next week. They had their new range on display, and it will look good on the table top. Useful for Steampunk and 7TV. Now, will they do a mews set?

Mongoose had sold out of their Sov Judge set, hopefully theywill have some more at the next show. The Judge Dredd miniatures rules looked good but will need some looking at before I buy.

So there I was, halfway across the hall when the exit alarm went off. Frankly I blame the aliens for the lost time.

So I had to quickly run round the rest of the show, Ainsty had their new Valley Forge crew and Astronaut buggies and Warlord their Soviet army book and plastic T34/85. Great Escape supplied an A34 Comet Cruiser Tank (nice moulding though slightly larger than the Warlord Cromwell, again there will be comparisin shots later).

I picked up a pack of two shipping containers from Warmill, together with an Uplink Tower (I love the smell of MDF in the afternoon).

I also noticed that Studio Miniatures were not present, so went back to Hasslefree and picked up the Bumper Box of plastic Zombies. Sixty multipose Zombies (four different bodies).

And then it was well past time to depart.

So, once again a pleasant if hectic Salute, and hopefully I will have more time next year to actually talk to people.

Thanks to all those organising, running and selling at the show.

See you all next year.

Photographs to follow.

Monday, April 15, 2013

For the Greater Good... Part one

Games Workshop's recent release of the third iteration of the Tau and a conversation with Daniel, my local purveyor of plastic and resin, prompted me to have a look at what I have previously purchased.
Inspired by the new Codex, I even started assembling some of my previously purchased items. As you can see, some of the boxes are from the original release all those years ago.

So I now have six assembled Tau Firewarriors and a Fireblade awaiting undercoating, plus I have even started assembling the plastic torso of a Forgeworld XV89 Iridium armoured battlesuit (I had forgotten what a chore that was).

By the way, there are more boxes awaiting assembly, these were the most easily accessed.