Monday, November 17, 2014

Warfare 2014

Warfare at Reading is a two day gaming and trade show.

This year I managed to get there.

Thanks to all those I talked to (and relieved me of my money ^___^). If I forget to mention you, I apologise.

First up was Crooked Dice, for their recently released Once And Future supplement for 7th Voyage, more X-Commandos, the new Chronal Commandos and the licensed Danger 5 box set.

Empress had the new British troops, an M113 for use by Federated Security and Skirmish Sangin.

The nice lady at the Plastic Soldier Company had to pirouette around the hall to get a signal on the card machine so I could pay for the Rubicon plastic tanks. They had a special offer on three non Tiger models (I also bought a Tiger). The best location was adjacent to the Ainsty stand, much to the amusement of a member of the Ainsty team.

Ainsty had their new Musketeers miniatures and the 15mm scale etched brass tank bustles (the latter may end up on a T34).

Additional scenery items and the Tank Girl charity set were added to my shopping bags.

Next was Warlord Games. They had their new Armoured Fury starter set and the new Cromwell. I had a look at the Panzer IV plastic kit that is due for production shortly.

Pendraken supplied some more Crossover miniatures super hero figures.

Antenociti Workshop had their one piece taxi and two person cars and some some MDF buildings.

More later.