Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Once and Future options

Crooked Dice have just released the Once and Future Supplement for their 7th Voyage game (currently as PDF with a printed version out shortly).

This includes three new settings, Beowulf, King Arthur and (topically) Robin Hood.

Now, this gave me the inspiration to dig out some of the plastic box sets I bought a while back (and buy a new one at the weekend).

Beowulf and the sagas are an opportunity to use the Viking and Saxon figures from Gripping Beast (and Wargames Factory) and perhaps the Celts by Warlord Games.
 Gripping Beast Saxon and Viking together with a Wargames Factory Saxon.
Bring Me Sunshine...

Warlord Games Celt.

The King Arthur setting (I know he was Dark Ages, but the normal setting is more 14/15th century).
Perry Miniatures do four box sets, Men at Arms, Foot Knights, European mercenaries and Knights.
 Two Men at Arms
Foot Knight (with a Wargames Factory Survivor head).

And finally a comparison shot: