Monday, August 15, 2016

Rubicon Models M5A1

Well, this tank is now in the completed as far as it goes category.

Here are some comparison shots with the Warlord Games M4. They are the same base colour, the M5A1 is just grubbier.

Sherman I tanks

I had the Warlord Games Sherman tanks out for a comparison shot with the M5A1, so I thought I would do a group shot.

Just waiting to add some Sherman Vs to the unit.

Rubicon Models Panther G - work in progress

Well this has been undercoated (Citadel Chaos Black followed by PSC German Dark Yellow).

I have started on the metal work (tracks and tools etc.).

A long way to go before it is finished.

Warlord Games Plastic Cromwell

Well this has been sitting on the shelf awaiting its turn in the paint queue for a while (that is not a snow effect).

Still a lot of painting and weathering required.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Rubicon M5A1 Stuart VI work in progress - Weathering

So, I have finished the initial weathering. Looking at the photographs makes it easier to identify bits that need further treatment.
 Slight "smile" on the glacis.
 Odd flow effect on the side plate.
 Bit of a tideline on the right quarter above the spare track holder.
Slight gap in the weathering above one of the side skirt hinges.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Rubicon M5A1 Stuart VI work in progress - block paint check

Here is a photograph of the Rubicon M5A1 with initial block painting and the start of decal application prior to finishing the painting and weathering.

The photograph shows any imperfections.
The 'crease' in the glacis where the plate was extended (due to a build error on my part) can be seen, and the grousers on the turret need tidying. There is also a registration issue on the unit serial number. There is also a gap in the turret where the two parts of the turret do not quite meet (just above the gun).

Some of the chipping around the driver's hatch is a bit excessive.