Thursday, May 26, 2011


The plan last weekend was to paint up 7TV miniatures, with an emphasis on Crooked Dice miniatures.

I have already posted pictures of the Tweedy and May miniatures. here is a picture of Agent Pandora King from the 7TV series Department X.
While I had the camera out, I took a picture of a previously painted Foundry 'Mean Machine'
He would make an excellent Failed Experiment.

In the end I did not get as much painted as I hoped, having been distracted at some point and ended up starting (but not finishing) a Vegemarine. That will get posted at some time (after I finish it).

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Guns Akimbo!

This post is named after a TV Trope article.
We have all seen the films, the hero (or more likely the villain because of the likelihood of collateral damage) brandishing two pistols and:
  • Firing both at the same target
  • Firing independently at different targets
  • Firing them individually as they bear on different targets
All very unlikely but looks cool.

The figures are both Hasslefree, HFA0065 Summer (posted earlier) and HFA001 Eve painted up as the character Rebecca for my 7TV Lagoon Transport Company cast.

See here for a previous example of dual wielding of firearms.

Tweedy and May

I have finally got a pair of Tweedy and May figures in a state where I can photograph them, they are not finished (the bases need some work and the boots/shoes need some tidying up, but I would not be(too) embarrassed to use them in a game.
The figures are from Crooked Dice, and sculpted by Kev White.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Summer is coming (you might want to run and hide!)

I thought I had better paint up some of the Hasslefree miniatures I bought at Salute 2011, plus some Crooked Dice 7TV figures.

So first up is a happy teenager, with twin Ingram MAC10 machine pistols.
The figure is the Hasslefree HFA065 Summer.

More later.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Venerable Bede

Anyone looking for the claimed inventor of "Easter" is going to be disappointed.

There was a time when Games Workshop only did one plastic Space Marine Dreadnought (they now do at least five kits, one only available in the starter set), so conversions were the the way to go for Venerable Dreadnoughts.
So for my Black Templars Venerable Dread I used the basic kit and added bits from the plastic Black Templar marine upgrade sprue. So it has a Black Templar sarcophagous cover, Black Templar crosses and Crux Terminatus on the 'shoulders', purity seals a-plenty, topped off with that dirty great sword/icon combo.
I am actually very happy with this figure (there is a first for everything), I just need to put the name on the scroll.

Unfortunately I built and painted this not long after Daemonhunters came out, so a) it is quite a while ago, and b) there is now a Venerable Dreadnought kit so this would probably be demoted to a normal dreadnought (if I had a Black Templar army painted).

Now where did I put that Adepta Sorita tank...

And for those of you paying attention, I have painted the letter box.