Tuesday, July 18, 2017

May Killian, Zombie Slayer

Following on from William Killian, I had to paint up a figure of his wife as well.

The only modification to the stock figure was the removal of the scabbard and the shortening of the stick to function as a scabbard.
Mr and Mrs Killian, you know you wields the pointy stick in that relationship.

 William thinks that May's Kendo course was money well spent.
The Walking Dead: Prelude to Woodbury walkers plus the freebie from Salute and the one from the Andrea booster.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Walking Dead - Andrea Booster: Andrea

So the last figure from the Andrea Booster is Andrea herself.

A slightly different character to the one from the television series with a different character arc.

The base has the "Andrea Booster" cardboard box.   I might need to wash a couple of places that I missed.

Andrea and Amy

The full booster set.
Wow a second Walking Dead box fully painted.

William Killian - survivor

In the "Days Gone Bye" expansion for "The Walking Dead: All Out War" there is a a character creation system.

So I thought I would paint up a Crooked Dice William Killian figure as a survivor.
 Body warmer and jeans are a mix of Vallejo Black and Black Grey. The shirt is Vallejo Field Blue and Blue Grey. Shoes are Citadel Mournfang Brown. Skin is Citadel Bugman Glow base with Citadel Kislev Flesh layer followed by Citadel Reikland Fleshshade. Hair is Citadel Mournfang Brown with a Citadel Nuln Oil wash.

William and Andrea, as you can see the official figures are a bit taller and bulkier than William, but not so much that they would distract too much.


A couple of photographs of the Warlord Games GMC CCKW and the Rubicon Studebaker.

William Killian for scale.

Once I get some Soviet tank spray paint, I will finish the Studebaker.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Shield Maiden by Shield Wolf

Well, the Shield Maiden figure shown back in April has finally reached the undercoat stage.

As she is likely to be exploring Frostgrave with her sisters, I added some furry sleeves to her shoulders.

Lead Wombles - part 1

The Lead Adventures Forum have started a Lead Legion thread and a number of people are building and painting figures for it.

This is my first figure for it.
It has just been undercoated, painting to follow.

"This side towards insurance claimant".

In the dark days of the invasion scare of 1940 and 1941, British ingenuity was released to provide weapons to halt any invasion. Britain had amassed massive stores of petrol, in expectation of having to supply the BEF in France. These stores were made available to the Petroleum Warfare Department to develop uses of petrol as a weapon.

One of the weapons was the Flame Fougasse.

The name comes from the late medieval weapon using a barrel of gunpowder to make a one shot giant shotgun.

These are to be markers for Operation Seal Lion games (so are not accurate representations).

A Rubicon Allied Fuel drum was assembled and then cut in half. Each half was then glued to a Render 30mm base. After undercoating with Citadel Chaos Black spray the drums were painted with Citadel Castellan Green and dry brushed with Citadel Death World Forest. A set of numbers from the Warlord Games British vehicle numbers sheet was applied to the "top" of the drum and an identifying number taken from the Warlord M4 transfer sheet was applied to the middle.

Blast From the Past

While searching for some Space marine Sprue to start on a Lead Legion squad, I found an almost intact RTB01 sprue.
Now it is later issue (probably the same mould but there is some minor mould misalignment). The key thing is that the original plastic was dark blue, I should still have some depopulated sprues somewhere).

This will eventually be used to provide heads for my Ultramarines.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Lead Legion Colours

The Lead Adventures Forum has a Space Marine Chapter and there has been a discussion on the colours.

The Citadel colours are (vertically, left to right):
Castellan Green; Zandri Dust; Death Guard (Snot Womble) Green.
Rakarth Flesh; Bleached Bone (discontinued); Ceramite White; Pallid Wych Flesh; Rotting Flesh (discontinued); Castellan Green.
Bleached Bone (discontinued); Rakarth Flesh; Pallid Wych Flesh; Kislev Flesh; Rotting Flesh (discontinued).

"Daylight" fluorescent - no flash.
 "Daylight" fluorescent - no flash - colour corrected on the white.

"Daylight" fluorescent - flash.
 "Daylight" fluorescent - flash - colour balanced on the white.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ainsty buggy

This is the Ainsty six wheel buggy with the Astronaut body.
It is supplied with four heads.

T34/85 continues...

So, I have completed the hand rails on the left side of the tank.

S and S 28mm Jackal

A few years back I bought a model of the British Army Jackal vehicle from S and S.

William Killian for scale. There are a number of white metal parts that need to be added.

At the same time I bought the white metal crew .
They are of a comparable size to the Crooked Dice figure.
The gunner needs some work to get to fit into the seat.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Shadow War - Armageddon: The Fallen - Chaos Marines

This Kill Team was mainly built from the contents of a 2005 Chaos Space Marine box set.
 As you can see, the box was bought very cheap.

The Kill Team - The Fallen comprises one Aspiring Champion (with bolt pistol and assault blade) and four marines with bolt guns.
I still need to check the numbers and who can get grenades.

Shadow War - Armageddon Beastman Kill team part 3

The ten Beastmen are now assembled, though they need green stuff and possibly adding some more pouches and combat blades.

Soviet tanks - Bovington

Two of the Soviet tanks in the Tank Museum Bovington.

A T62.
A T55. This has been cut away for training purposes.

Shadow War - Archeology part one

One of the joys of Shadow War - Armageddon is the ability to use all those odd boxes of figures that you bought but never got round to doing anything with.

So I had a look through the boxes in various locations (and reunited the Tau Pathfinder instructions with the kit) and found these.

Though not actually a Kill Team choice in SWA, the renamed Stormtroopers have various uses for Imperial Guard or Inquisitor kill teams.
I knew I had a box of Pathfinders somewhere, and a couple of weeks ago I did find the instructions, and now they are reunited with the kit.
I bought a number of boxes of the 2005 Chaos Marines cheap at Salute one year (what year I do not know). It is the original multi-part figures (two lots of four Chaos Wombles with a Chaos mutation sprue and a Chaos Marine sprue with a Heavy Bolter and Officer bits). They were originally bought to supply bits for Forge World Chaos Marine conversion packs.
Dark Space Pixies (or in this case Maniac Nightmare Pixie Girls - and boys).
 And finally a box of Skitarii (I have an Enginseer as well).
Started with the Chaos Wombles. The plan is a stripped down squad of five, very basic weapons.