Friday, July 7, 2017

Lead Legion Colours

The Lead Adventures Forum has a Space Marine Chapter and there has been a discussion on the colours.

The Citadel colours are (vertically, left to right):
Castellan Green; Zandri Dust; Death Guard (Snot Womble) Green.
Rakarth Flesh; Bleached Bone (discontinued); Ceramite White; Pallid Wych Flesh; Rotting Flesh (discontinued); Castellan Green.
Bleached Bone (discontinued); Rakarth Flesh; Pallid Wych Flesh; Kislev Flesh; Rotting Flesh (discontinued).

"Daylight" fluorescent - no flash.
 "Daylight" fluorescent - no flash - colour corrected on the white.

"Daylight" fluorescent - flash.
 "Daylight" fluorescent - flash - colour balanced on the white.