Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Shadow War - Archeology part one

One of the joys of Shadow War - Armageddon is the ability to use all those odd boxes of figures that you bought but never got round to doing anything with.

So I had a look through the boxes in various locations (and reunited the Tau Pathfinder instructions with the kit) and found these.

Though not actually a Kill Team choice in SWA, the renamed Stormtroopers have various uses for Imperial Guard or Inquisitor kill teams.
I knew I had a box of Pathfinders somewhere, and a couple of weeks ago I did find the instructions, and now they are reunited with the kit.
I bought a number of boxes of the 2005 Chaos Marines cheap at Salute one year (what year I do not know). It is the original multi-part figures (two lots of four Chaos Wombles with a Chaos mutation sprue and a Chaos Marine sprue with a Heavy Bolter and Officer bits). They were originally bought to supply bits for Forge World Chaos Marine conversion packs.
Dark Space Pixies (or in this case Maniac Nightmare Pixie Girls - and boys).
 And finally a box of Skitarii (I have an Enginseer as well).
Started with the Chaos Wombles. The plan is a stripped down squad of five, very basic weapons.