Thursday, September 29, 2016

Irregular with PK GPMG

This figure is based on the illustration of a South Ossetian Irregular in the Osprey publication "Elite 197: Russian Security and Paramilitary Forces since 1991".

The Empress Miniatures figure is painted to represent an irregular dressed in KLMK Berezka camouflage suit (and not his pyjamas).

The onesie is painted in Army Painter Army Green. The balaclava is base painted Citadel Death World Forest with camouflage pattern in Citadel Steel Legion Drab and Karak Stone. The back pack and pouches were base painted Citadel Castellan Green with a camouflage pattern of Citadel Rhinox Hide and Karak Stone. The flesh areas were painted with Vallejo Panzer Aces Flesh Base.

The green areas were shaded with Citadel Athenian Camoshade, flesh areas were shaded with Citadel Reikland Fleshshade.

The camouflage pattern on the suit was added last using Citadel Pallid Wytch Flesh.

Base is Vallejo Burnt Umber dry brushed with Citadel Terminatus Stone.

Vehicle comparisons

Two comparison shots of the Evil Bear Panther CLV and the Crooked Dice Transit van (with an Empress Miniatures Technical).

As is traditional, William Killen for scale.