Monday, April 30, 2012

Ultra Vanilla Marines

The weather over the weekend was not good, so I did not get a chance to undercoat anything, but it did mean that I managed to assemble a number of figures.

At Salute I picked up two sets of Forge World Womble Marines (10 figures) plus a pack of the box magazine bolt guns. They may be expensive compared to a Tactical Marine box set, but the box set only builds two Wombles.

The figures are nicely cast, there was a bit of flash, but being resin they clean up easily. The feed on the torso is on the socket joint on the bottom part, a nice sharp knife is required to remove the excess resin.
I pinned the arms to the torso and the torso to the legs with plastic rod.

Having assembled five Wombles, I was inspired to build a Captain to command them.

Starting with a Space Marine Commander, I used a chest piece from a Tactical Marine and a Womble head from the same source. I smoothed off the centre of the chest piece and added a etched brass Ultramarine logo. The right handed  power sword from the assault marine set and a left handed pistol arm provided arms, the Storm Bolter replaced the pistol for that extra firepower. The commander backpack was topped with the Ultramarine icon. A set of pouches and a purity seal finished off the figure.

So I have a set of figures ready for spraying.
It was not just Games Workshop figures over the weekend, two Crooked Dice armed minions were topped with Saurian head, and as you might note on the above picture, an Ainsty Mechanot was also assembled.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Empress Modern British Infantry

Earlier I posted a single Empress Miniatures Modern British Infantry man, here is the rest of the pack.
At Salute, I picked up some more infantry and the new Operation Squad Modern Warfare rules, eventually they should appear on the blog.

Plastic Soldier Company - 28mm Russians

The Plastic Soldier Company have three box sets of World War II Russian soldiers: Infantry; Heavy Weapons and Anti Tank Guns.

For scale purposes Pandora King is about to calm East -  West relations...

Most of the figures are one/two piece. The best way of imagining them are as Airfix figures we all played with as kids scaled up to 28mm. They are good value when you need to build up an army quickly.

An Operation Squad WWII Russian Infantry Squad.

They are not quite as detailed as Warlord Games multi part plastic figures, though they are of similar proportions
There is always the hope that they will bring out some matching vehicles. They do them in 15mm and 1/72 scale.

TLS guard an experimental aircraft

Time Lift Security secure an experimental variable fighter.
A Super Dimensional Fortress - Macross VF1-J Valkyrie (1/55 scale) model with two TLS Captains.

Federated Guards

More Crooked Dice figures, this time their Federated Guards.
They will be led by Stefan Travers.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Agent Green

It is 5:45, and Department X welcomes a new recruit...

The newly released Crooked Dice Saurian Head Sprue includes a head I thought would suit the MF3K figure.

The face is Vallejo Uniform Green with an GW Asurman Blue wash followed by a dry brush of Uniform Green. Clothes are Vallejo English Uniform, Burnt Umber and Khaki.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Man in 2000

It is 5:45, and in this week's Department X, Tweedy and May encounter a Time Displacement and are sent forward in time to the year 2000.

Crooked Dice's Tweedy and May assist an Empress Miniatures 'Modern' British Infantry in dealing with some other worldly threat.

The figure is one of four from the first set of figures. Each set comes with five heads.

Base coat is Vallejo Khaki, camoflage pattern is Vallejo Bronze Green and GW Scorched Brown. Boots and gloves are Vallejo Burnt Umber. Sun glasses are GW Mechrite Red. GW Gryphon Sepia was used as a shade (so it really needs a matt varnish).