Monday, April 30, 2012

Ultra Vanilla Marines

The weather over the weekend was not good, so I did not get a chance to undercoat anything, but it did mean that I managed to assemble a number of figures.

At Salute I picked up two sets of Forge World Womble Marines (10 figures) plus a pack of the box magazine bolt guns. They may be expensive compared to a Tactical Marine box set, but the box set only builds two Wombles.

The figures are nicely cast, there was a bit of flash, but being resin they clean up easily. The feed on the torso is on the socket joint on the bottom part, a nice sharp knife is required to remove the excess resin.
I pinned the arms to the torso and the torso to the legs with plastic rod.

Having assembled five Wombles, I was inspired to build a Captain to command them.

Starting with a Space Marine Commander, I used a chest piece from a Tactical Marine and a Womble head from the same source. I smoothed off the centre of the chest piece and added a etched brass Ultramarine logo. The right handed  power sword from the assault marine set and a left handed pistol arm provided arms, the Storm Bolter replaced the pistol for that extra firepower. The commander backpack was topped with the Ultramarine icon. A set of pouches and a purity seal finished off the figure.

So I have a set of figures ready for spraying.
It was not just Games Workshop figures over the weekend, two Crooked Dice armed minions were topped with Saurian head, and as you might note on the above picture, an Ainsty Mechanot was also assembled.