Sunday, January 26, 2014


Someone is receiving the benefit of Ms Temple's acerbic comments.
Crooked Dice's Super Temp stares down the bad guys.

Argonauts, Old and New

Dr Argo is pulling out all the stops, deploying different variants of his Argonauts, however old they might be.

Crooked Dice Robo Minions painted up as Mk I Argonauts back up a Mk III.

Gardening World

William was convinced that the cacti had not been there when he had parked last night.

Four Great Escape Games Dead Man's Hand Cacti box in an Empress Technical.

The cacti are supplied five to a pack on 25mm diameter integral bases about twice the thickness of a Renedra 25mm plastic base. For these four, I removed the bases and glued them to Renedra ones.

The cacti were sprayed with Humbrol Matt Light Olive 86, dry brushed with Vallejo Uniform Green mixed with Vallejo Desrt Yellow.

Base colouring is Vallejo Desert Yellow, washed with Citadel Gryphonne Sepia then dry brushed Humbrol 93 acrylic with a final dry brush of Citadel Dheneb Stone.

Now all I need is some desert terrain to go with them.

In the meantime, here is a comparison shot of the large cacti on its original base and a rebased one.

I might use a 40mm Renedra base for this one.

The containers in the background are the new Ainsty ones.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Some Assembly required (part one)

At Warfare I bought three Crossover Miniatures figures from (I think) Pendraken. The first figure completed (nearly) is their Super Soldier.

 The Patriot was an attempt by a British television company to produce a Costumed Hero series for the American market. Utilising a mixture of Canadian and American actors (and some dodgy accented British actors).

The patriot was the story of an American covert military unit, lead by the titular "Patriot" in his not very covert costume, in their operations against all manner of enemies.

By reusing story lines, locations and in some cases parallel filming, the series was produced cheaply even though there was a lot of European location work. Unfortunately it was not very successful, being shown only once in the US.