Monday, March 19, 2012

It Came From The Back Of The Display Cabinet part 5

Some more Wombles - this time: The Wombles Of The Damned.
 The Sergeant leads his squad against litterers.

They are metal bodies with plastic arms and back packs and the metal Legion Of The Damned boltguns and shoulder pads.

Some of them are even using the original non gripping hands (very noticeable on the right hand figure at the bottom).

I have some more in undercoat, including some 'standard' wombles with applique iconography made from Green Stuff(tm).

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Light My Fire!

A new figure, though it was released a month ago.

Crooked Dice released two new Minion figures last month, Unarmed Minion with Spanner and toolbox, and Minion with Flamethrower.

Next month Crooked Dice are releasing a number of heads, including a number wearing berets, just right for UNIT troops to allow me to have a flamethrower to keep the existing Copplestone Castings Guards in Berets from the cold. So initially, the Flamethrower figures I ordered were put on hold until the heads were available.

And then I had an idea. Before Westwind brought out their SOTR British Paratrooper box set, I bought a British heads in berets and gas masks SHS set (I used them to replace the supplied heads with helmets on four Heavy Section Assault Bren troops to make Paratroopers, they are somewhere awaiting painting...).

So in the interests of Health and Safety, the Flamethrower Soldier (promotion from Minion) would be wearing a gas mask together with the distinctive beret.

The UNIT squad advance while the Sergeant receives instructions from The Brigadier

One slight problem is that berets and gas masks make an uneasy fashion statement, the beret being worn at a particularly jaunty angle.
Ignoring the Jaunty Beret issue, the figure matches very nicely with the Copplestone figures (though painting the boots and the pavement in the same colour would be a good idea).

Another order for the Flamethrower Minion will definitely be going out when the new Minion heads become available.

This figure has been a slight distraction form the new Dare Sisters and the Federated Troopers. Whether they will be next up, or the Alien Mercenary with Flamethrower will beat them... Stay Tuned...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It Came From The Back Of The Display Cabinet part 4

Or, once again, an archaeologically significant figure box.

My 'primary' Womble army (if you can call it that) is oddly enough Ultra Vanilla Wombles.

I managed to build up sufficient figures for a 40K in 40 minutes army- though they are not all painted.

The distinctive feature is that they all have Mark Six Womble helmets. I am now nearly out of unassembled RTB-01 heads, I will have to start decapitating assembled ones to provide additional helmets.

While digging out some additional figures for something else, I brought down an Assault Womble Sergeant, and thought I would finish it off.
It was not until I had photographed it that I spotted the ragged edge to the shoulder pad edging. I should shade the interface between the blue and yellow as well.

The only major work was assembling the right handed Power glove from a mix of RTB-01 and current Womble parts.

I will have to bring the rest down and finish them. Once I have some aerosol Womble Blue I will finish the rest of the figures. I might even have enough for a small battle.