Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It Came From The Back Of The Display Cabinet part 4

Or, once again, an archaeologically significant figure box.

My 'primary' Womble army (if you can call it that) is oddly enough Ultra Vanilla Wombles.

I managed to build up sufficient figures for a 40K in 40 minutes army- though they are not all painted.

The distinctive feature is that they all have Mark Six Womble helmets. I am now nearly out of unassembled RTB-01 heads, I will have to start decapitating assembled ones to provide additional helmets.

While digging out some additional figures for something else, I brought down an Assault Womble Sergeant, and thought I would finish it off.
It was not until I had photographed it that I spotted the ragged edge to the shoulder pad edging. I should shade the interface between the blue and yellow as well.

The only major work was assembling the right handed Power glove from a mix of RTB-01 and current Womble parts.

I will have to bring the rest down and finish them. Once I have some aerosol Womble Blue I will finish the rest of the figures. I might even have enough for a small battle.