Saturday, April 20, 2024

Stargrave Scavengers II

North Star has released a new set of multi-part plastic female Scavenger figures for Stargrave (though they are usable in a number of different games).

Like the Scavengers set, the bodies are dressed in long coats or cloaks.
The weapons have a number of cloth bindings, showing their irregular nature.
There are also two sets of Zombie arms and heads.

Nightstalker Ambush Starter Set

 The Kings of War Ambush Starter Sets are Mantic's introduction to the Kings of War fantasy battle game.

I have to admit to expect more than three stands in your starter army (Kings of War uses whole blocks of figures rather than individual figures).
However, as I was after the figures for other games, they are a reasonable source of figures that would require the purchase of two of the Regiment boxes.
I will have a look at the supplied rules at some point (I might need to get some sabot bases to convert the individually based figures back to blocks).
The instructions are not comprehensive.

Butchers sprue

Reapers Sprue

Twilight Kin Voidtouched

 As part of the recently released Twilight Kin (Dark Elves) range, the Voidtouched are humans and elves who have been mutated by contact with powers beyond their comprehension and control

As with many of Mantic's recent releases, these are more multi-part rather than multi-pose.

These are probably going to form the basis of opponents for When Nightmares Come games, together with the Reapers and Butchers in the Nightstalker Ambush Starter Set.

Quar Crusader Rhyfler

 This is the first completed Quar Crusader Rhyfler

The figure was undercoated with Citadel SnotWomble Green.
The skin was painted with Citadel Ultramarine Blue (Quar come in a whole range of colours).
The Bogen rifle and the helmet are Vallejo Black Grey, as is the belt buckle and the webbing fittings.
The trousers are Citadel Steel Legion Drab

Outside a Warbases' from their Paris range. Chateau Modeste

Quar Blister Packs - Coftyran

In addition to the hard plastic multi-pose kits, there were also three blister packs of thermoplastic Coftyran figures.

Officers with sword and pistol

Trench Raiders with various weapons
RCO 100mm howitzer

They are the same difficult to work with thermoplastic.

Quar blister packs - Crusader

 In addition to the hard plastic multi-pose kits, there were also three blister packs of thermoplastic Crusader figures.

Crusader H11a LMG
Crusader officers with Grifkis shotgun
Crusader infantry with Splagen Torpedoes (pitot mortars)

There are mould lines and some flash. The material reminds me of Mantic PVC.

It does not take to being filed - flash and mould lines need to be removed with the blade of a scalpel. Scraping just roughs the surface.

This Quar's War revisited.

 Here are the first Quar assembled and undercoated.

Coftyran (Royalist) infantry

Rhyfler, Yawdryl with Doru SMG and Rhyfler.
Milwer, Rhyfler with Cryfen LMG, Rhyfler.
Full squad.

Crusader Infantry

Yawdryl with Bogen, three Rhyflers with Rishi heavy rifles.
Milwer with Bogen, three Rhyflers with Bogen.

Full squad

The Sprue

Now the question is, are they baguettes or chrysalis?

Coftyran Sprues

Crusader sprues