Monday, June 17, 2019

Tour of Duty television series

As has been posted recently, Empress (and a number of others) have recently released Vietnam ranges.

Tour of Duty was a television series made between 1987 and 1990. The show followed a US Army infantry platoon during a tour of duty in Vietnam starting in 1967.
This is the box set of all three series, totalling 58 episodes.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

A Question of Scale...

A while back I posted some comparison photographs between 1/56 and 1/43 scale VW Beetles.

A couple of weeks ago I bought the Tamiya 1/48 scale Volkswagen 82E kit (pre-war Beetle).

It is still work in progress, but this shows the difference in size.

Company B VW 82E; Tamiya VW 82E and a die cast VW Beetle.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Sleeping Dragon "Jersey Barrier"

At a recent show I bought two packs of four resin vehicle barriers from the stand of The Sleeping Dragon Hobby Shop. They do not have them on their web shop (yet) but are trading at a number of shows in 2019.

Though labelled as "Jersey Barriers", they appear to be rather tall (a Jersey Barrier is about 810mm tall, these are 20mm tall - over a metre tall at 1/56 - 1/48). The Ontario Tall Wall is of similar design and is 1070mm tall.
It does, however make them suitable for use as cover, even with figures on slotted bases.
The pieces are moulded in resin from a 3D printed master. There is rather obvious print lines on the pieces, but that is not much of an issue as it gives the rather dull surfaces some texture, more of which later. There are some odd artefacts on the top surface, though I am taking them as being part of the reinforcement of the concrete.

As with any resin item, I washed them with cheap scouring cream applied with an old toothbrus, rinsing them thoroughly afterwards.

The painting was a multistage process.

First they were blutacked to the painting box in an upright position. Rustoleum Rust effect spray was applied to give them some additional texture. Once this had set, they were laid on one side and given an undercoat of Halfords Grey Spray Primer. Once that was dry they were then turned over so all sides were a uniform grey.

The pieces were then blutacked upright on the box and sprayed from the top with Halfords White Spray Primer.

One half of each piece was then masked. You can see the artefacts on the top surface.
The masked pieces were sprayed with Citadel Mephiston Red.

After removing the masking tape, they were heavily dry brushed with Citadel Terminatus Stone. A final wash with Citadel Nuln Oil gave them a suitably dirty appearance.

They are going to provide suitable cover.

If you are going to use them for a vehicle checkpoint, you do need to place them so they do not provide cover to your opponent.

Caught in a spotlight, William Killian wishes he had cleaned the Land Rover before going out.

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Rubicon T26 Soviet Light Tank - part three

So the T26 is painted. There is some final weathering to be done, but that will wait until the rest of T26s have been (bought,) painted.

Comparison with the T34/76.

Friday, May 31, 2019

Sarissa Russian Outbuilding

Earlier in May I bought a Sarissa Russian Outbuilding (N069) second hand. It looked like someone had attempted to fold it in half at some point. Careful examination of the sealed package seemed to show that the only breakage was in the supporting sheet and not the components.
Door and window frame detail.
You can see the breaks by the right top of the base and the lower peak of the end.

It was easy to assemble (as are most Sarissa kits).
I decided to use static grass to form a straw floor.
The building was sprayed first with Halfords Grey primer. The interior was then sprayed with Halfords Black Primer.

The question was then what colour to paint the outbuilding.

This is a photograph of a buildings museum in Russia (the main point of interest was the fencing) but it shows the darker, almost reddish colour of the wood.

The building was painted with Army Painter Oak Brown (which is surprisingly darker than it appears in the bottle).
It was then dry brushed with Vallejo Old Wood, followed by a wash of Army painter Dark Tone and Citadel Nuln Oil.

Interior showing the old straw (Vallejo Burnt Umber).

Rubicon T34/76 and Bad Squid Russian submachine gunner for scale.

More scale leaves

An earlier post covered the scale leaves from the Little Leaf Company.

I managed to pick up some more variants from Green Scene.

Oak is a slightly sandy brown colour.
Ivy has a distinctly darker green tone.
 Leaf Litter is definitely post autumnal.

Having read an article by Gordan Gravatt, the material may well catkin heads.

Rubicon M4 - part five

It was pointed out that there was a rather obvious seam line on the right sponson.

It has been filled with Milliput. There has been a small amount of weathering.