Saturday, October 13, 2018

Under Fire Miniatures Cold War Soviet Infantry - first four figures

This is the first Under Fire Cold War Soviet figure completed.

As mentioned previously, these figures are being painted up for Twilight 2000 skirmish games, so have had a few modifications - such as the boots and trousers.
The uniform is spray painted with PSC British tank Green. The figure was dry brushed with Citadel Nurgling Green. The helmet is Vallejo German Extra Dark Green. Camouflage spots are Citadel Zandri Dust.

A rifleman armed with an AK-74.
He has had an additional bag added from Greenstuff.

Some additional firepower in the form of a belt fed PKM machine-gun.

And more firepower, another PKM machine-gun.
He has had a grey blanket added, maybe he gets cold.

 And a shot of the four figures.
Now to order some more so I have a complete section.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Under Fire Miniatures Cold War Soviet Infantry

This is the first Under Fire Cold War Soviet figure completed.

As mentioned previously, these figures are being painted up for Twilight 2000 skirmish games, so have had a few modifications - such as the boots and trousers. The NCO has also had a head transplant, using the wooly hat head from Empress Miniatures.
Base colour is PSC British Tank spray (over Citadel Chaos Black spray). The woolly hat is Citadel Caliban Green. The rucksack is Citadel Castellan Green. Jacket camouflage is Citadel Steel Legion Drab followed by smaller splurges of Citadel Zandri Dust. Trousers have a camouflage of Zandri Dust and Vallejo German Camouflage Black Brown, The scarf is Citadel Zandri Dust. The figure was dry brushed with Citadel Dry Brush Nurgling Green. The "woodwork" of the gun is Citadel Mourning Brown. Green areas were washed with Citadel Athonian Camoshade, brown areas with Citadel Agrax Earhshade.
He also has a rucksack, from the Rubicon Allied Stowage Set 1.
The rucksack model is sitting on a blob of Greenstuff to complete the pack.

The NCO has a pair of "borrowed" camouflaged trousers, with a jacket with a KLMK style pattern.

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Twilight 2000 reference material

Twilight 2000 was a role playing game published by Games Designers Workshop (GDW) originally in 1984. It is set in a post nuclear world where World War Three happened.

The original timeline reflects its Cold War period origin. Of course, the fictional timeline  diverts from our own politically with the fall of the Soviet Union. The weapons and tactics that would have been part of the conventional war differ not only because of the loss of the threat of the Soviet Union but also due to the real world conflicts in Kuwait/Iraq, Somalia and the Balkans.

So what reference material is available? There are the original source books by GDW but that is not really enough to identify modern figures and vehicles, nor how to paint them. Well you have to make a decision about what is the base background. 

My thought is that without the conflicts listed above, that there would be a no major developments outside those effectively predicted in the source books. So there are the signature "future" weapons such as the M1A2 Giraffe.
This means that the choice of factual source  books should be limited to either those published at the same time as the game, or those that cover the period before the major divergence.

The company Tankograd publishes a number of books about exercises that took place in that period, such as "Key Flight '89" which was the last BAOR Cold War exercise.
There is also a book on the 1987 Franco-German exercise "Bold Sparrow".
There is also a few books on the vehicles in use in this period, such as the ubiquitous M113, specifically that used by the Bundeswehr. I have an Empress one that will be used by the Under Fire Bundeswehr troops for Twilight 2000 games.
Osprey published a number of books in this key period, their old Vanguard range is no longer available, but occasionally turns up in charity shops and other second hand sellers.

Their Elite series includes books on Warsaw Pact forces (Elite 10), Soviet Army (Elite 12 - originally titled "Inside the Soviet Army Today"), The British Army in the 1980's (Elite 14), Nato Armies Today (Elite 16) and Tank War -Central Front (Elite 26).

The Canadian Major looks like an extra from a car insurance advert...

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Sally 4th Type 24 Pillbox.

At Salute 2017 I bought two pillbox kits from Sally 4th. The Type 22 pillbox was assembled and painted last year. I decided to assemble the Type 24 as a concrete box, so covered the outside with a thin layer of Milliput. If you went to Colours via Reading, you might have noticed a similar box near Thatcham station.

I used Rustoleum Rust effect spray to provide some texture. I used masking tape to prevent the roof from sticking to the walls. The metallic effect paint was then covered with Halfords grey spray paint.

The final base colour was Army Painter Stone Golem acrylic, brush painted over the grey. This was then washed with first with Citadel Nuln Oil followed by Citadel Agrax Earthshade. It was then dry brushed with Citadel Terminatus Stone.

 The door still needs to be painted.
Detail of the texture.
The roof texture.

Warbases Space Corridor - part one

Warbases have recently introduced their new Space Corridor range. This is a range of simple modular MDF corridor sections that can be assembled in many different arrangements to make up spaceships and planetary bases.

At Colours I bought one of their dead end corridor sections to see how they go together.

The kit is supplied in a plastic bag, but with no instructions. Here are the bits.
 I started by building up three sub-assemblies (the three walls). As you can see, the two side wall panels are identical, the how they are attached to the supports determine which is left and which is right
The right hand wall was glued in place first. The end wall then slots into place followed by the left wall.
 As you can see, the corridor is roomy enough for figures on 25mm bases, and their is sufficient space to put two figures on 32mm bases side by side. You probably could not get a dreadnought in their, but a Warlord Games M5 Jackal walker fitted both width and height wise (though it might have issues with doors).
William Killian inspects the corridor end.
View from above. As you can see, there is room for the figures and accessing them from above.
Not quite sure what the holes on the outside of the columns are for, but they do give it a nice stage set look.
Once the glue had dried, I gave the corridor section a good coat with Halfords grey spray primer. I then misted some Halfords black spray primer in corners, on the bottom of the walls on the outside and on to the floor. This was followed with some Citadel Corax white spray. The outside was given a further coat of Halfords grey primer.
A Soul Drinker Space Marine defends the corridor.
Certainly an interesting idea, I will be picking up a few more later in the year.

They could do with adding some rooms and a starter set.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago - Gripping Beast Arabs

Gripping Beast do a box of Arab spearmen and archers. The box contains identical eight sprues.
Two of the figures have separate pairs of arms and can be equipped with either a bow or spear. There is one arm with a straight arm and another with a trumpet.  There are eight heads and five shields per sprue.
Here are five figures from the sprue plus a sailor from the Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago sailors set.
Two spear men.
Two bowmen.
A swordsman and a Ghost Archipelago sailor.