Monday, March 6, 2017

Malifaux Guild Riflemen

Three Guild Riflemen. They are not attached to their bases as I am going to undercoat them  before fixing them to the base (so they can have undercoat applied to the inside of the long coats).
 The Guild Sergeant had a number of problems with the fit of the coat. It required filling with Milliput.

Malifaux Resurrectionist Punk Zombies

The punk zombies from Malifaux are quite delicate figures. One of them has a particularly complicated construction of the head. To make it easier, I assembled the head while one piece (the face and neck) was still attached to the sprue.

Here are the three punk zombies
They are going to be difficult to store wth those delicate weapons.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Ainsty Utility Unit

I have a very work in progress Ainsty Utility Unit.

I need to source or build suitable lights and a camera.
I have used one of the small comms dishes from Ground Zero Games as an add on to the model.

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Work in progress shot of Archie.
Yes, he is holding an ice cream in his tentacle.

British M100 Comanche walker

So some additional decals have been added to the model.

A recognition marker on the shoulder identifies this as a British machine.

A W prefix number on the thigh (and the back of the hip assembly) identifies the vehicle. A green squadron mark is more a check on placement and size than a final item It should probably be a white ones, and smaller (20 or 15mm scale).
 On the cannon arm are similar set of markings.

View of the back of the walker. The exhausts are missing (I seem to have lost them). They will need to be replaced with scratch built items.
Size comparison with a British Steel Armoured Infantryman.

Konflikt '47 Spinne mech - continuing developments

So, this model gets looked at occasionally, the main problem is fitting a breech and crew in the restricted space.
So, I have used the breech assembly from a PSC 28mm gun and glued it to the back of the moulded resin breech. Now, I need to add two crew, one loader and one gunner/commander.

Both need to have respirators, but my first thought of using SOTR gas mask heads falls down because I need smaller figures to fit in the limited space.

Here are two additional pictures of the back of the mech for a discussion on the positioning of the tanks for the flame thrower version released by Warlord Games.

 There should be space beneath the two fan housings on the back of the engine block.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

West Wind M100 Comanche Walker

So, I have dug a West Wind SOTR M100 Comanche Infantry Walker out of storage and I m in the process of putting some decals on it.

The M100 is a light one man walker and my assumption is that they are available to British forces in any Weird War list. This example is armed with a gatling gun, a bazooka (rotary mag) and an assault rifle (slightly over powered if you ask me). I would class it as having a twin HMG, a bazooka and an assault rifle. Single crew so only one weapon at a time. The assault rifle is probably used to scratch colleagues' backs.

Now, the question is, where do you put the decals?

I am putting recognition marks on the shoulder (left side) or the gun mount (right side).

It is where to put the tactical sign and perhaps a division insignia?

The following have been put together electronically (the tactical sign is from the Warlord Games Guards Armoured Division decal set).

First, on the plastron (chest plate).

 Next on the upper "thigh" (I did wonder about the knee cap, but it is rather small on these walkers).
Thirdly on the gun shield.