Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Specialist Firearms Officer - Plan Red Reiver

Blueland's Territorial Police forces traditionally are unarmed.  There are situations where an armed response is required. For those situations, Specialist Firearms Officers are available. They are trained for hostage rescue, counter-terrorism and assault scenarios.

The invasion by Redland has meant that SFO units have been deployed to protect sites and personnel.

Though Plan Red Reiver specifically states that police units are not to be deployed in the defence line, SFOs have been involved in conflict both with "The Little Grey Men" fighting behind the lines and occasionally directly with Redland line troops.

Empress Delta Force miniatures (US8).

Marauders - Under Fire Miniatures

Four Marauders for Twilight 2000.
They are the Rhodesian SAS by Under Fire Miniatures.
The four miniatures were undercoated with Citadel Chaos Black. The figure was then sprayed with PSC British Khaki.

The wooly hat was painted with Citadel Caliban Green.

The camouflage pattern was built up with Citadel Castellan Green, Citadel Dryad Bark and Citadel Zandri Dust.

The rucksack is Citadel Castellan Green and the boots Citadel Mournfang Brown.

The uniform was washed with Citadel Athonian Camoshade.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Empress 28mm BMD-2 IFV - part 4

So, further progress on the BMD-2.

The camouflage-net over the nose has had some additional bits added.
I was staring at the front of the BMD, and thought, maybe some additional armour would be nice.

I was looking through my bits and pieces and found the Crooked Dice Mattress set. The lower front of the hull is angled, so I used my trusty razor saw to first cut one in half but with an angled cut. I then made a similar angled cut so the two halves came together at a shallow angle. The two parts were then superglued to the hull front. The gaps were then filled with Greenstuff.
If I had thought about it earlier, I would have added some on the side.

Straps and a sling were added to the ammo box on the port side.

A similar sling was added to hold the Rubicon crate. A rolled tarpaulin was added to the two pegs, again out of Greenstuff.
Starboard side.
Port side.
View from above.


Mattresses are friendly, dim-witted, docile creatures capable of speech. They are all called Zem and live in the swamps of Sqornshellous Zeta. Many of them are slaughtered, dried out, and shipped around the galaxy to be slept on by grateful customers, though they do not appear to mind this, one noting that since they are all called Zem they never know which of them have been killed anyway so their concern and grief - "globbering" - is kept to a minimum.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Graveyard Memorial Statue

The base plinth is from Ainsty Castings Mixed Memorials set. As this is the undecorated one, I added a scroll from a Space Marine set on the front. The main part of the memorial was discarded and a Crooked Dice Scary Statue was pinned to the top.

The join between the figure and the plinth was smoothed with Milliput.

 Paul explores the graveyard, but has taken his eyes off the statue.

T-72M1 - Tank Museum

The Tank Museum has an ex-East German (NVA) T-72M1 tank.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Qualified Firearms Officer - Plan Red Reiver

Blueland's Territorial Police forces traditionally are unarmed. Members of the police forces may be trained and undergo qualification to carry and use firearms under certain circumstances. These are referred to as Qualified Fireams Officers (QFO).

The invasion by Redland has meant that armed officers are required to support the evacuation of civilians from the front line and assist the movement of defensive forces.

Though PLAN RED REIVER specifically states that QFOs are not to be committed to the defence line, they have been in combat with the "Little Grey Men" at the beginning of the invasion and behind the lines.

This QFO has been issued with a ballistic vest and a service pistol.

Crooked Dice X-Commando with a Crooked Dice Custodian helmet head.

Taking cover behind a Crooked Dice Transit van.