Monday, June 18, 2018

Shermhill Firefly

From a discussion on Lead Adventures, I present the Shermhill Firefly.
Warlord Churchill hull with a Warlord M4A4 Sherman VC turret (from my Hercules project).
You can see the turret ring will not fit between the hull sides.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Wild West Exodus - Wyatt Earp

Wyatt Earp from the Wild West Exodus: Gunfight at Red Oak starter set.
Far too many straps and things.
The shield and rifle still needs some work.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Super hero Characters - Hasslefree Miniatures

At Salute I picked up a number of Hasslefree figures.

Two of them are in the process of being painted up for super hero games.

The first is the white metal version of Mythic Helen (it should be for sale soon). This is being painted up as techno-magic alien.
The shield and shield arm are one piece, so the shield is not quite the shape I wanted, but it will be easier to paint.
The second is another techno-magic alien using the Hasslefree Elf Dev.
I did round off the ears a bit.
Still lots of painting to do.

HLBS British Ferret armoured Car

At Salute this year I bought an HLBS Ferret armoured car from Empress Miniatures.
Almost all of the kit is in resin, there is a brass machine gun barrel. There are options to build the armoured car or the turret less reconnaissance car.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

TTCombat - Streets of Venice

TTCombat has a range of building under the Streets of Venice brand. Unlike Sarissa and other laser cut MDF, it is not scaled for the heroic 28mm end of the scale but is more suited to the larger 32-40mm figure sizes.

They are also remarkably cheap compared to other manufacturers.

I thought I would try one of their Streets of Venice range as a test building for Malifaux.

Having assembled it (without adding the window shutters), I undercoated it with Halfords grey spray primer. The building has a removable roof and upper floor. The rear walls can also be removed.

I masked the windows from the outside and sprayed the interior with Citadel Corax White spray.

Once dry, I masked the windows on the inside and sprayed the ground floor (and the roof - which acted as a mask for the interior) first with an ancient can of Citadel Roughcoat textured paint, second with Halfords red spray primer,

I then attached the roof to the first floor and sprayed the first floor with the Citadel Roughcoat followed by Citadel Zandri Dust spray.

The roof was then given a final coat of Citadel Roughcoat.

That gave the building its initial base colours.

Shown here with Malifaux  Tuco, Punk Zombie and Anna Lovelace,

As you can see, the doorway is a good match to the Malifaux figures.  Anna's base is slightly larger than the doorway which might lead to some disputes.

The Wild West Exodus figures are also much larger than 28mm and as you can see here, Doc Holliday could easily walk through the door without ducking.
William Killian looks tiny in that doorway.
As the rear walls are removable, I thought that would be the best testbed for painting the building, if it went wrong I could just spray over it with minimal masking.
The quoins and the window frames are painted with Citadel Rakash Flesh.
The bricks/tiles are painted individually using a wet palette and Vallejo Black, Hull Red, Burnt Cadmium Red and Red Leather. It does need some mortar added between the blocks.

TTCombat - Sandstorm Dwelling

TTCombat do a range of MDF buildings including the new SF-Utopia Sandstorm range.

I bought the SFU-51 Sandstorm Dwelling at Salute. The building is simple to construct (the instructions are available here). However I seem to have had trouble getting the joints to close correctly. The dome is an MDF frame with a card cover, and that did not join up smoothly. So it was out with the milliput (I have spotted two joints I still need to fill).

The building is hollow, but without a bottom. There is no lift off rod (the dome is separate).

There is one large door (I have removed the door itself but there is a solid panel behind it - I will paint that black later).
I still need to sand the milliput.

Still some work to go on this, and that is before I spray it with textured paint.