Wednesday, April 23, 2014

M8 Grizzly Medium Walker

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures had their new range of 28mm War Without End figures and vehicles at Salute this year.

One of the models was the M8 Grizzly Medium Walker. Rules for incorporating the walker into Bolt Action games are available as a download on their website (it is classified as a Walker, Light Tank equivalent armour - all round, armed with a medium anti-tank gun).

The M8 Grizzly Medium Walker is supplied as a mixed resin and white metal kit.
The resin pieces are cleanly cast, with very limited mould feeds. As can be seen above, there are feeds on the shoulders and the hip joints. It was not until I examined the picture that I realised that the gun mantlet was not in the picture.
The only major work was to widen the turret hatch openings and make the hatches a slightly smaller diameter so the hatches were nearly flush.

The hip joints were pinned, and a circle of milliput provided a secure joint. The dark areas are where I painted the inside of the vision slits and parts of the body.
The walker compares well in size with the M4 Sherman tank from Warlord Games.
William Killan for scale. I should have been more careful removing the mould feed on the shoulder.
Warlord Games BEF infantry man.

A quick comparison between the M100 Comanche light walker from Westwind (SOTR).

The model will be finished as a Lend Lease vehicle in British service (as will the Comanche) when I get round to it.

Some additional shots of an undercoated M8 with an M4 for comparison.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Warlord Games/Italeri M4 Sherman

The first plastic kit from the teaming up of Warlord Games and Italeri was released at Salute 2014.

The kit comes in a standard Warlord Games box and comprises two well moulded sprues, a transfer sheet and a set of instructions.

 The kit goes together well and the only areas that needed any minor filing on the side of the upper hull (the eagle eyed will notice I need to go back and file an area near the rear appliqué armour on the right hand side). The join between the top and bottom parts of the turret needed a bit of filing as well.

 The only problem I had was with the towing shackles, I was unsure of which way up they should go.

The other thing to remember is to put the engine exhaust boxes in before gluing the top and bottom parts of the hull together. You can add them afterwards, but it is hard work (read the instructions ^___^).

Here are some views of the assembled kit after undercoating.

See what I mean about going back and removing the remaining mould line behind the appliqué armour.

Overall it is a nice simple kit to put together and it certainly looks like an M4.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Salute 2014

Salute started the same as always, a well organised but long queue, this time back in units N1 to N4.

First up was a visit to Crooked Dice to pick up the recently released Vlad's Army expansion for 7ombieTV and the new Ocelot Games figures.

Next was Hasslefree and a year's supply of their goodies. Excellent range and a well organised stand.

Then Fenris and a number of different figures including some North and South troops and some blue skinned infantry.

Then it becomes a bit of a blur.

So what other bits and pieces did I pick up?

Warlord Games had their new M4 Sherman tank and a new set of plastic walls.
CD's William Killan examines an assembled and undercoated model.

Clockwork Goblin were attached to the Warlord Games stand and had 15mm and 28mm Weird War 2 models including a replacement Shock turret for the T34 and a Grizzly walker.
The turret is mounted on a Warlord Games resin T34, which had been left on one side since they issued the plastic model.

Renedra had their new Mud Brick house, sandbags and accessory set.
William Killan examines the accommodation.

Ainsty provided a number of items, including their resin shipping containers.

Sarissa had a nice MDF landing craft, and Pendraken had an MDF barracks.

Anvil's new Afterlife range of power armour looks good (pictures to follow) and Crossover miniatures superheroes.

Other pictures will follow as I get them photographed.

Perry Miniatures Eighth Army comparison

The Perry Miniatures plastic Eighth Army figures are excellent, but are slightly smaller than is now normal for '28mm' figures.
Crooked Dice's William Killan for comparison.
And a Bolt Action BEF figure.
And an SMG armed minion (note he has no base, unlike the other two).

I really need to finish some of these...