Monday, April 14, 2014

Salute 2014

Salute started the same as always, a well organised but long queue, this time back in units N1 to N4.

First up was a visit to Crooked Dice to pick up the recently released Vlad's Army expansion for 7ombieTV and the new Ocelot Games figures.

Next was Hasslefree and a year's supply of their goodies. Excellent range and a well organised stand.

Then Fenris and a number of different figures including some North and South troops and some blue skinned infantry.

Then it becomes a bit of a blur.

So what other bits and pieces did I pick up?

Warlord Games had their new M4 Sherman tank and a new set of plastic walls.
CD's William Killan examines an assembled and undercoated model.

Clockwork Goblin were attached to the Warlord Games stand and had 15mm and 28mm Weird War 2 models including a replacement Shock turret for the T34 and a Grizzly walker.
The turret is mounted on a Warlord Games resin T34, which had been left on one side since they issued the plastic model.

Renedra had their new Mud Brick house, sandbags and accessory set.
William Killan examines the accommodation.

Ainsty provided a number of items, including their resin shipping containers.

Sarissa had a nice MDF landing craft, and Pendraken had an MDF barracks.

Anvil's new Afterlife range of power armour looks good (pictures to follow) and Crossover miniatures superheroes.

Other pictures will follow as I get them photographed.