Saturday, January 31, 2015

The Device

Agent Red wishes he had paid more attention to the briefing, especially as his boss' club was a street away.

The Device is a modified Ainsty The Device!

A roller cover was made from Slaters' corrugated plastikard has been added over the gubbins, leaving the switches and dials clear.

The US identification stars are from Warlord Games, the number from Rubicon's US decal set and the radiation tri-foil from I-94 (available from Minibits/Pendraken).

The I-94 decal set has tri-foils, danger and ammo items of different sizes. unfortunately they appear to be printed on a continuous carrier film, unlike the Warlord and Rubicon transfers which have item sized carrier film. This lead to a large shiny area of carrier film.

All transfers were treated with Humbrol Decal Fix in an attempt to improve the appearance. Some of the decals were  added to areas that had been pretreated with Citadel 'ardcoat. This may have gone 'off' a bit as it was glossy when dry.

There was no appreciable difference between those added to the base coated areas and those on the 'ardcoat treated areas.

The decals attached smoothly to the corrugated faces of the model nicely (I did not try any using plain water).

I used 'ardcoat to protect them. This did leave a lot of shiny areas, so I filled in the bits around the decals (and the carrier on the I-94 tri-foil) with Vallejo US Dark Green, which was a mistake as the base coat was Humbrol 86 light olive spray (see below). This was not noticeable under my work light.

I have replaced the picture with a revised one with Humbrol acrylic 86 Light Olive.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Danger 5

Danger 5 is an Australian action/comedy television programme set in a 1960's style interpretation of World War 2.

The Danger 5 of the title are an Allied team whose aim is to kill Hitler.

Crooked Dice's 7TV is a perfect game system to recreate their adventures, and they have released a licensed boxed set containing the team, their boss, the eagle headed Colonel Chestbridge, Hitler and a dog which can represent Blondi, Hitler's dog or a Danger 5 Mechanoid agent.

So here are the agents:
Left to right: Jackson, Ilsa, Pierre, Claire and Tucker.

The faces need a lot more work, zoomed in the picture shows up the problems.