Friday, February 21, 2014

Trr'Tar Work In Progress 1

The Trr'Tar are not a species, but the family name of an alien race who have made their name doing dodgy deals on radioactive planets and invasive alien plants.

Dorothy (on work experience with trading Standards) engages in some quality exchanges with the traders.

Work in progress Hasslefree Mesaan Grunts.

Someone on the Crooked Dice forum asked about them.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not so friendly Mechanicals

One of Dr Argo's Repair Drones patrols the corridor of the abandoned Cyclops station.

I drilled and pinned the three legs and the arms. To fix the figure to the base, I filed the points off the tips of two of the legs and drilled a small depression in the base for the third. Hopefully with the superglue, that will hold it in place.

A very simple paint job, Chaos Black spray undercoat, filled in with Vallejo Black. Dry brushed Vallejo Brass followed by a wash of Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade. A lighter dry brush of Brass followed by a hight dry brush of Vallejo Gold. The eye and the cutter were given a Citadel Ceramite White under coat followed by Mephiston Red. A wash with Citadel Baal Red deal with any unpainted white.

So three more to do from stock, plus I will probably add some more later.

Oh, and the photograph shows I need to repaint the base, the dry brushed brass and cold splatter is a bit of a mess.

Great addition to my DVD collection

Crooked Dice presents a 7TV starter set of Minions (boiler suited cheap henchmen, not strange yellow humanoids):
  • 1x Commander, & 1x Administrator
  • 4x Hand weapon Minions
  • 4x Rifle Minions
  • 4x SMG Minions
  • 6x Bonus Hard Hat Heads
Just right to help you take over the World.

Spy or Die Trying

At Warfayre in Reading I bought a set of Spy or Die Trying characters.
And here they are.

It might be a while before I do anything with them.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dorothy thought she was not in Kansas...

Dorothy finds more than she was expecting when she was checking out the bins behind the hardware shop.
Luckily she is well prepared, with her trusty baseball bat and the products of St. Searle’s domestic science experiments.
Dorothy is one of Crooked Dice's Savage School Girls, the zombie a Wargames Factory Zombie Vixen.
Oh, and the bins are from Offensive Miniatures.