Sunday, February 9, 2014

Not so friendly Mechanicals

One of Dr Argo's Repair Drones patrols the corridor of the abandoned Cyclops station.

I drilled and pinned the three legs and the arms. To fix the figure to the base, I filed the points off the tips of two of the legs and drilled a small depression in the base for the third. Hopefully with the superglue, that will hold it in place.

A very simple paint job, Chaos Black spray undercoat, filled in with Vallejo Black. Dry brushed Vallejo Brass followed by a wash of Citadel Drakenhof Nightshade. A lighter dry brush of Brass followed by a hight dry brush of Vallejo Gold. The eye and the cutter were given a Citadel Ceramite White under coat followed by Mephiston Red. A wash with Citadel Baal Red deal with any unpainted white.

So three more to do from stock, plus I will probably add some more later.

Oh, and the photograph shows I need to repaint the base, the dry brushed brass and cold splatter is a bit of a mess.