Saturday, July 11, 2015

"She is like a machine!" *

Gina has been spotted with groups of Mk2 Argonauts.

Her relationship with Dr Argo is unknown.

The figure is Gina from Hasslefree.

* quote from Burn Notice

Fearless lawyer

Two newly qualified lawyers (Charlie and Ryan) and their assistant (Deborah) fight for justice both in the court room and in one of their cases, as a masked vigilante.

 Charlie and Deborah.
Charlie and Ayelet, Queen Of Clubs and the Big Bad's partner and lover.
Charlie is a Crossover Miniatures Defender, Deborah is a Copplestone Corporate Babe, and Ayelet is Rae from Hasslefree.

Friday, July 3, 2015


Crooked Dice have recently released their Mk 2 Argonauts (they also have the larger Mk 3 Argonaut seen previously).

There are eight different figures, two of which rely on their brute strength to enforce the will of Dr Argo.

Here is one of them.