Sunday, August 31, 2014

Some Assembly Required (Part 3)

Charles Connor was a brilliant scientist who unfortunately found COSHH rather limiting.
Crossover Miniatures RAMJAM with the Goblin head, with Anastasia for scale

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Crossover - Crooked Dice Crossover

There was a question on the Nexus Miniatures forum about the sizes of Crossover Miniatures Super Heroes figures and mine (and many others) default size for "28mm" figures which are the  Crooked Dice range.

So here is a comparison picture (and two sneak previews of Assembly Required figures).
From the left, a work in progress Crossover Paramilitary Goon with Strike Team head.
Next a work in progress Crooked Dice X-Commando, followed by the Crossover Super Soldier. The fourth figure is a slightly converted classic Pandora King and the last figure is the Crossover Hoplite.

The main problem with the Crossover miniatures is their integral base. This needs to be removed with careful use of a razor saw.

I am going to do version of the Super Soldier for Weird War II, which means I will not need to remove the base (30mm lipped base should hide the metal base).