Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The Imperial Church is not a forgiving and fluffy religious establishment, there are all manner of punishments available to them to deal with those that cross them.

Such as conversion to living weapons, such as the ElectroFlagellant.
Weapons, controls and injection devices are grafted to the "subject".

Adeptus Mechanicus

This figure had the arm from an Ork character grafted on.

Imperial Guard, on a massive scale (54mm)

They also manufactured two base Imperial Guard figures.

They also manufactured some additional arms and heads so you could vary the pose.

I Am Kroot!

Back in the mists of Time, Games Workshop released a skirmish game using 54mm (10mm to the foot, 1/32-35) scale figures.

They released an odd range of figures including a 54mm scale Kroot, with strange mask, gun and glove.

I bought one of the boxed figures (supplied as assembled) and a later one that had all the options such as rifle and normal (for Kroot) head.

One day I might find and assemble the other one.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Malifaux Guild Riflemen

Three Guild Riflemen. They are not attached to their bases as I am going to undercoat them  before fixing them to the base (so they can have undercoat applied to the inside of the long coats).
 The Guild Sergeant had a number of problems with the fit of the coat. It required filling with Milliput.

Malifaux Resurrectionist Punk Zombies

The punk zombies from Malifaux are quite delicate figures. One of them has a particularly complicated construction of the head. To make it easier, I assembled the head while one piece (the face and neck) was still attached to the sprue.

Here are the three punk zombies
They are going to be difficult to store wth those delicate weapons.