Monday, November 27, 2017

Domari Freeborn squad

I bought the new Warlord Games plastic Domari Freeborn squad. The box contains two identical sprue, each has nine multi-part infantry and one spotter drone.

Unlike most multipart figures, the arms are integral to the torso (a figure comprises legs, torso and arms, head and a weapon). This limits the poses available. There is no specific leader body, nor are there specific arms for the optional weapons.

Airfix Quickbuild Harrier kit

It was noted on the Lead Adventures Forum that the Airfix Quick Build models included a number that were approximately 1/56 scale and hence suitable for use with 28mm figures.

The models are scaled to fit the boxes, but the Harrier kit was stated by one of the contributors to be a suitable scale.

The box is bright and colourful.
The kit is designed for younger modellers and internally resembles Lego bricks. William Killian is present for scale. There is a set of self adhesive markings, including representation of the turbine.
It is very important that you follow the instructions closely, the parts have some easily overlooked interconnections. If you do not follow the instructions you will need to take parts apart and put them together in the correct order.
Unfortunately it does not come with an undercarriage, being designed to be mounted on a flying stand.  As you can see, it is a a suitable size for 28mm figures.

I will either use a Crooked Dice Dare Sisters helmeted head, or one of theTime Lift Security jet pack heads.
Easy to put together if you follow the instructions and it looks like the real thing. Constructing the undercarriage will be the next thing (and filling in the odd gap between the parts).

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Panzer I Ausf B with Breda 20mm auto cannon continued...

The unfortunate gaps have been filled with Greenstuff. The jerry cans are just resting on the mudguards.

Some additional filling is required using Milliput.

Stitched Together, first threads...

I have assembled three Stitched Together, nightmare puppet constructs from the Neverborn faction in Malifaux.

They are slightly smaller than I expected, those are 30mm bases.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Panzer I Ausf B with BREDA 20mm auto cannon

The origins of the Panzer I lie in the Treaty of Versailles, and the prohibition against German tank development. The original design work was hidden as agricultural tractor development.

The new Panzer I was supplied to Franco's Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War. The new tank was not particularly effective, armed with twin machine guns and thin armour, it easily fell victim to its rival the T26. A small number were modified by raising the turret roof and fitting a BREDA 20mm auto cannon as the main armament. The mass conversion of these tanks did not take place as the Nationalists had captured sufficient T26 tanks to meet their needs.

So much for history. Now earlier I had built an FT and a Carden Loyd carrier for Operation Sealion games. For the opposition I wanted a light tank but something better than the German light tanks. So I decided that a Panzer I ausf B with auto cannon would be suitable.

Though the armour would not be able to deal with even the two pounder gun typical of British forces at the time, its light weight and availability would make it invaluable to the invading forces. the auto canon would deal with armoured cars and lighter tanks.

So, to the kit. The kit is cast in the metal filled resin typical of Empress with a bag of white metal pieces (most of which are for other Panzer I variants)
One feature of the vehicle that has required some research is the pipe that goes from the glacis to somewhere near the aerial trough (the trough will need to be scratch built. Its function has still to be determined.

The resin used by Empress likes superglue, it likes it a lot. Unfortunately I managed to get the track units in the wrong place (for subsequent builds I would glue the superstructure in first, then the tracks, hindsight is a wonderful thing).

Here is the basic model.
As you can see above, and in these detail shots, the track misalignment has lead to gaps between the body and the superstructure (and between the track units and the body on the right side).
 The gap above should be hidden by the aerial trough.
 The front and left side will require careful filling with greenstuff and milliput.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Post Apocalypse Vehicle

Here is a post apocalyptic vehicle.

Actually I was just cleaning up a Spectre Miniatures Technical and an Empress Miniatures Panzer IB an thought that the cab unit of one and the tracks of the other made a fun looking vehicle.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Rubicon LRDG Jeep continued

Slow progress on the Jeep front.

I have added two jerry cans to the bonnet. One of them is a British one from the Allied Stowage set, complete with the W^D logo. The other is from the German stowage set. Straps have been added out of Slaters' Microstrip. I have also added two magazine pouches in front of the driver. They are from the Perry Miniatures Eighth Army set.
 The third crew member has received arms, the right arm originally was holding a rifle.
Details of the straps holding the jerry cans on the bonnet.