Friday, January 11, 2013

Jason vs The Argonaut

Private Jason Fleming wished he had not volunteered to test Darius' prototype glue projector...
Ullyses Argo's latest Argonaut advances.
The Argonauts are a signature feature of the evil mastermind Ullyses Argo's appearances in 7TV series such as The Man From 2000 and Department X.

The Argonaut is a Crooked Dice resin figure and is about 45mm tall. It is supplied in four pieces (body, two arms and a head). Crooked Dice make two different bodies and arms allowing a number of combinations to be assembled.

I should have some more completed shortly, together with the towering Talos, Argo's most fearsome creation.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Light My Fire (Two)

Here are two more members of the UNIT.

The Major, armed with his trusty Automatic Pistol directs the 'fire' of the Flamethrower specialist.

Both are Crooked Dice figures, Flame Thrower Specialist Minion and Minion armed with Pistol. They both use the Crooked Dice Fighting Men heads.

At this time, Health and Safety did not require the use of masks when combatting alien threats with flamethrowers...

British Expeditionary Force 1940, part one

Here is a slightly clearer picture of the Warlord Games BEF section.
They still need a bit more work and the final basing. I will wait for warmer weather before using some spray varnish to tone down the shine of the washes.

Tank Crew

The continuing saga of my tank crew, part two.

The gunner (with the tank commander).

Both are Crooked Dice minions, the commander is a Pistol armed minion using the Man From 3000 pistol hand and a Fighting Men head. The new gunner figure is a Minion with SMG, the existing M3 greasegun SMG being replaced with a Hasslefree Miniatures Thompson SMG.  The head is from the Fighting Men set of heads.

Next the Loader and the driver...

She Will Be The Law!

A Mongoose Publishing Cadet Judge patrols the corridors of 'The Big Meg'.
This was slightly more difficult to publish than normal as Blogger has decided not to allow me to upload pictures.

I had to log in to Picassa, upload a picture into the Ultravanillasmurf album and then go back to Blogger and pick up the picture from Picassa. Not exactly streamlined.

Hopefully it is just a glitch.