Sunday, July 7, 2013

Apocalypse Survivors...

Oh well, the Tau are now back on the shelf as I have been distracted by the Wargames Factory Apocalypse Survivors: Men.

The box contains three sprues of ten different bodies (nine adults and one kid) plus a sprue of weapons and accesories. The 25mm bases are on the body sprue and following on from the Zombie Vixens the figures have flat feet with no integral base (something that is a problem with the Studio Miniatures Zombies).

The bodies are a bit odd, some of them  have very limited reuse (one can have a cricket bat, the other a baseball bat, the other can have a baseball bat or a cricket bat). The kid has three different options (pistol, SMG and 'scope rifle). Eventually I will assemble a full set.

The weapons supplied are odd, M16 is understandable (but no M4), lever action rifle/shotgun and AK47. The SMG looks more like the Walther MP, rather than a more usual HK MP5, Uzi or Ingram. The real surprise is the inclusion of the L85/SA80. There are seven separate L85 rifles plus one with arms attached. There is also a rotary magazine shotgun/grenade launcer.

There are no separate arms, so if you want to use the additional weapons then it is out with the Swann and Morton...

So how do they compare in size. Below (left to right) are Factory with AK47, Empress British, Factory with L85, CD William Killan and finally another Factory figure with an AK47.
The guy on the left is at a slight disadvantage, the Empress British infantry man has a base. The two L85s are similar size. William Killan shows they are similar size to the CD figures.

The CAD process does lead to some slightly odd postures, but they are useful to fill out your survivor cast

For the Greater Good... Part Two

So, on Thursday I visited my my local purveyor of plastic and resin and had another chat, mainly about the recently released Space Pixies. However, slightly inspired (and having chatted about painting techniques), I was inspired to revisit the Firewarriors that I undercoated back in April (Glaciers are always rushing around in my opinion).

So, I decided to paint through one figure to come up with a coherent paint scheme that I could complete before all the stars go out.

So I started with an base coat of Humbrol 93 Desert Sand spray, followed by some filling with Humbrol 93 acrylic.
 I then used GW Scorched Brown to paint the under suit, and Vallejo Black for the Tau logo, vent and the handley bit on the bottom of the backpack, face plate and the circular bit on the gun. You may notice that this is a different figure, yes, I forgot to photograph the base coated figure...
 I then dry brushed with Karak Stone followed by Dheneb Stone (a colour that will be sadly missed).
 I then washed the whole figure with GW Flesh Wash (in the old hexagonal bottles, I have some very ancient paints).
 Another drybrush, this time with Humbrol 93. The lenses were then painted whte then Blood Red. The Tau logo was repainted. The base was then given a coat of Wilko Wood Adhesive and then piled Woodland Scenics Ballast Light Grey Fine over the adhesive. It will be painted later (Graveyard Earth or its equivalent).

It is not going to win a Golden Demon, but once the base is painted it will be playable.

So, I now have a plan, but how long will it be until I have an army to fight For The Greater God...