Monday, May 28, 2012

The Dare Sisters

A slightly closer look at the recently released Dare Sisters from Crooked Dice.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


A Technical is normally defined as an improvised fighting vehicle based on a non combat vehicle.

The classic Technical is a Toyota pick up. Imprint Moderns (through Empress Miniatures) do a range of Toyota Technicals armed with a range of weapons (ZSU-23 twin flak cannon, point fifty HMG and recoiless rifle).

The Dare Sisters neutralise a threat to Dare Plane Delta.
Agents Blue and Red investigate a suspicious vehicle.
Sky Pirates advance, with their technical support.
The model is simple to assemble (body, four wheels,grill to protect the back of the cab plus the multi part Zsu-23) and looks the part. It could do with a set of wing mirrors and windscreen wipers.

I will be buying some more of these.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Man From 2000

Tonight - The Man With The New Glasses.

New glasses this week, so I thought I would see if I can make a better job of painting miniatures.

So, I dug out the undercoated Man From 2000 figure from Crooked Dice and finished painting him.
I still have problems resolving down to the pupil size, but it is a notable improvement. Now I need to get some new paint brushes.

The body is painted Vallejo Buff, shaded with Vallejo English Uniform. Shoes are Vallejo Black Grey, hair Vallejo Desert Sand  with a GW Gryphonne Sepia wash. Face is Vallejo Flesh Base shaded with GW Scorched brown.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Well the good weather continues, but I did get a lot stuff undercoated and the wombles received a coat of Army Painter Ultramarine Blue.

Here are the nearly finished Crooked Dice Saurians:
The Saurian Head Sprue has three different heads, a very alien one,a more human one and a very alien one with a face shield. I  used two Armed Minion bodies and the nearly ubiquitous MF3K body.

The Armed Minion's guns were modified by removing the end of the gun and pinning the dish from the Envoy's 'gun' on the end to give a more Sonic style weapon.

The fit of the feet to the base needs looking at.