Saturday, February 11, 2012

It Came From The Back Of The Display Cabinet - Part 3

Though strictly speaking, from a figure case in the loft (and the last one I checked at that).
This original Cadian Officer was originally painted in a (Humbrol acrylic) Desert Sand uniform to match the rest of my metal Imperial guard. It then lingered in various boxes for many years.

Interest was renewed with the plastic Cadian figures, it was dusted off, and repainted in some shade of green, leaving the original face in place.

Other shiny things intervened and it was again relegated to storage. I dug it out as I had mentioned it on the Crooked Dice forum.

I might tidy up the overpaint on the boots before it returns, once more to slumber in the loft.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Doctor Hugo Solomon - Department X

"It is 5.45 and it is time for another episode of Department X starring David Werner..."
Department X investigates a secret underground research base. Dr Solomon is assisted by Agents Red and Blue.

All three figures are based on the Crooked Dice Man From 3000 (MF3K) figure. Dr Solomon uses the Flamboyant Agent head from the Agents sprue and a Minion Pistol, slightly filed down to make it into his signature stun pistol.

I did need to rebuild the rollneck, the neck piece being a slightly larger diameter than the MF3K neck socket. All three have had the distinctive MF3K badge removed.

It Came From The Back Of The Display Cabinet 2

Some more oldies (and sometime goodies) from the display cabinet.

First up, a Games Workshop Inquisition scale Death Cultist.

Next up is a Copplestone Commisar, though it is a Back Of Beyond figure, I have painted it to match my NeoSov unit.
Another Copplestone Figure, an assassin for hire.
At sometime, I will get her partner painted up, though I will be hard pressed to match the detail on the face (though the colour is a bit odd, I think I used GW Elf Flesh and GW Scorched Brown when I painted this and the Commissar).

And Finally, some old GZG figures. The two on the right are FBI agents looking into UFOs etc. The one on the left was an FBI agent who was looked into by UFOs etc.