Sunday, February 5, 2012

It Came From The Back Of The Display Cabinet 2

Some more oldies (and sometime goodies) from the display cabinet.

First up, a Games Workshop Inquisition scale Death Cultist.

Next up is a Copplestone Commisar, though it is a Back Of Beyond figure, I have painted it to match my NeoSov unit.
Another Copplestone Figure, an assassin for hire.
At sometime, I will get her partner painted up, though I will be hard pressed to match the detail on the face (though the colour is a bit odd, I think I used GW Elf Flesh and GW Scorched Brown when I painted this and the Commissar).

And Finally, some old GZG figures. The two on the right are FBI agents looking into UFOs etc. The one on the left was an FBI agent who was looked into by UFOs etc.