Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It came from the back of the display cabinet...

I was looking for a figure and a scenic item for posts on the Crooked Dice forum, and found these, at the back of the display cabinet.

With all the excitement of 7ombieTV, I had to have a picture of the Hasslefree Ray (or is it Tim?)
Definitely one for a 7ombieTV scenario.

A slightly different scale, a teenage vampire hunter from GZG.
Also from Ground Zero Games, two Hard Suits (that is Power Armour with style - and high heels...).
And finally, Hasslefree's Sadie has ditched the crossbow and stake for a torch and an Ingram MAC with suppressor.
And detail on the scenic feature.

The skull detail is from a Mk7 Womble helmet.