Sunday, January 15, 2012

Time for a sharp getaway...

Agents Red and Blue (see posts passim) demonstrate the utility of their Drive SFX as they escape from the evil clutches of The Underlord!

The jeep is a Warlord Games Jeep. While painting it I broke the gear stick, so have replaced it with one made from brass rod. Which I then knocked off again while painting. It is currently sitting on top of a pot of paint awaiting further attention.

Other than that, it went together easily (seven pieces: body, two front wheels, gear stick, brake/4WD, steering wheel and windscreen. There is a canvas top and struts but I am not sure if I will put those on). The most difficult part (aside from the gear stick) was cleaning up the steering wheel. The steering wheel and the windscreen could possibly be better as etched metal, though it would add to the cost.

Nice kit though, there may be more in the future.