Saturday, July 7, 2012

CVRT107 Scimitar

Charlie Dare admires her new runabout..

William Killian shelters behind the heavy support called up by his wife...
The CVRT FV107 Scimitar is by Imprint Moderns (via Empress Miniatures).

It is a fairly modern variation, upgraded with numerous boxes and bins around the hull and turret, but lacking the current shopping trolley look of the latest versions.

Like all the Imprint vehicles, it is simple to assemble with minimal clean up (there was a feed block on the bottom of the rear turret bin that needed filing. The kit has a three part hull (make sure you know exactly where the tracks go as conventional superglue sticks instantly with this material - my T90 looks like it has braked very hard), The turret is in one piece with white metal barrel and hatches (a total of seven parts).

Detail is excellent and robust. It could probably do with some aerials.

Not quite the Action Man(TM) tank of Robot fame, but a suitable support for inch high SpyFi.

Next to build, the Imprint Moderns BMP3 (and I might finish the T90).

Deathguard Lord Part three

As previously mentioned, I make haste glacially slowly.
Following on from Deathguard lord 2, here is the latest update on this long running saga.
Most of the colours are now blocked in.

I have a number of icky wounds, veins and pustules still to detail and I need to do a lot of finishing.

I am still not quite sure how to indicate the unnatural decay of the axe, 'normal' rust techniques just do not feel rght.