Sunday, December 10, 2017

Rubicon M4A3E8 Sherman IV

So, having bought this way back at Salute  (this year I do point out), it has reached my workbench.
This is a four sprue kit in the slightly larger Rubicon box.

Sprue A is the standard lower hull and Vertical Volute suspension
Sprue B has the M4A3 hull and accessories.
Sprue D has the T23 76mm turret and the extended edge connectors track.
 Sprue E is the Horizontal Volute Suspension
Instructions and decal sheet.
So far I have assembled the basic structure of the turret.
William Killian for scale.

Czech Log fences

A couple of log fences at a museum in the Czech Republic.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Russian Log Fence

There is a discussion on log fences on the Rubicon Forum.

This is a log fence in a Russian museum of period buildings.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Stitched Together - Are you a Gamblin' Man?

A side trip into the nightmares of Malifaux.

The Stitched Together are Nightmare Puppets for the Neverborn Faction.

The Stitched Together are stuffed with a whole range of nasties, so be careful if you enter melee with them, you will get splashed with their Rotten Contents.
Their hooks are rather feeble, but they love a Game Of Chance, are you ready to Gamble Your Life?
I do not have any suitable Masters for these minions, but they are nice figures.

The base colour is Vallejo Khaki, wooden peg feet are Vallejo Old Wood. The metal parts are Vallejo Black Grey. Rust effects are Citadel Ryza Rust. Blood effects are Citadel Mephiston Red, Carronburg Crimson and Baal Red, together with Army painter Red Tone. The body was dry brushed Citadel  Terminatus Stone. Citadel Agrax Earthshade shaded the body.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Another Day, Another Apocalypse...

You would think that being the sheriff of a small town miles from anywhere would be easy.

Except for that Government research facility out on the edge of town, the unmarked lorries, the black sedans, the lights in the sky and the rumbles underground.

The sheriff's personal life may be a shambles, but when the ichor hits the ventilation system, he is there protecting his community with his trusty pump action shotgun.

 Crooked Dice Hero Cop A.
He can keep in touch with his deputies on his walkie-talkie.
William Killian and Andrea (TWD) for scale.
Now to paint up his deputies.

Malifaux - Convict Gunslingers

This is mainly a scale shot for Lead Adventures.
William Killian for scale.

Still some work to go on these.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Warlord K47 M5A5/6 Jackal Walker

On the Lead Adventures forum someone asked about the size of the Coyote Walker.

I do not have a Coyote, but I do have the jump capable Jackal which I understand is derived from the Coyote.
William Killian, a Domari trooper and a K47 Galahad Armoured Infantryman.
It is held together by blutack and is leaning against the liquid poly bottle.

Now I have found it, I might as well start assembly. I just need to find a base.

Here is the box and contents.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Freeborn Domari Squad - part 1

So the box contains two sprue consisting of eight Domari infantry and one spotter drone (for a total of sixteen Domari and two spotter drones).

As you can see, the torso has fixed arms, all of the torsos have fixed arms. This limits the poses available.
 Above is the plasma carbine, one of which is provided on each sprue.

The minimum size of a Domari squad is one leader and five troops.

This was the first squad. Four of them are armed with Mag Guns, one with a Micro X grenade launcher.  The squad leader is armed with a Mag Pistol.
Because there are no separate arms, the pose is not particularly inspiring, the arms are designed to take a rifle weapon. There are only two left hand options, the archaic tablet and a grenade. The right hand options are a Mag Pistol (above) and a Plasma pistol.

The almost toga like clothing does not mesh between the torso and legs, so there will be a need to use some Greenstuff to fill in the gaps.

The second squad is again one leader, one Micro-X grenade launcher and four troops with Mag Guns.
For this figure I cut the right arm below the elbow away from the torso and used some plastic rod to get the arm the correct length. She is armed with a Mag Pistol and is holding a grenade in her left hand.
Her headphones obscure the profile of her nose in the following shot. Greenstuff will be used to blend the right arm in, the elbow pad from the arm has been cut off, sculpted and added back to the arm.
There will be a need for some greenstuff to blend the torso and legs together.
Three of the figures were used to build a Domari Garrison command squad from the Garrison Army list. The basic command squad is one leader with a plasma pistol and two bodyguards with plasma carbines.
For the commander figure, the forearms were cut at the elbows and the arms rotated. The grenade hand was used for left hand, the plasma pistol for the right.
 This will need some Greenstuff work.

The optional headset was narrowed so it connected both sides of the head..
As you can see, there is a need for some greenstuff on the join.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Domari Freeborn squad

I bought the new Warlord Games plastic Domari Freeborn squad. The box contains two identical sprue, each has nine multi-part infantry and one spotter drone.

Unlike most multipart figures, the arms are integral to the torso (a figure comprises legs, torso and arms, head and a weapon). This limits the poses available. There is no specific leader body, nor are there specific arms for the optional weapons.

Airfix Quickbuild Harrier kit

It was noted on the Lead Adventures Forum that the Airfix Quick Build models included a number that were approximately 1/56 scale and hence suitable for use with 28mm figures.

The models are scaled to fit the boxes, but the Harrier kit was stated by one of the contributors to be a suitable scale.

The box is bright and colourful.
The kit is designed for younger modellers and internally resembles Lego bricks. William Killian is present for scale. There is a set of self adhesive markings, including representation of the turbine.
It is very important that you follow the instructions closely, the parts have some easily overlooked interconnections. If you do not follow the instructions you will need to take parts apart and put them together in the correct order.
Unfortunately it does not come with an undercarriage, being designed to be mounted on a flying stand.  As you can see, it is a a suitable size for 28mm figures.

I will either use a Crooked Dice Dare Sisters helmeted head, or one of theTime Lift Security jet pack heads.
Easy to put together if you follow the instructions and it looks like the real thing. Constructing the undercarriage will be the next thing (and filling in the odd gap between the parts).