Friday, December 1, 2017

Freeborn Domari Squad - part 1

So the box contains two sprue consisting of eight Domari infantry and one spotter drone (for a total of sixteen Domari and two spotter drones).

As you can see, the torso has fixed arms, all of the torsos have fixed arms. This limits the poses available.
 Above is the plasma carbine, one of which is provided on each sprue.

The minimum size of a Domari squad is one leader and five troops.

This was the first squad. Four of them are armed with Mag Guns, one with a Micro X grenade launcher.  The squad leader is armed with a Mag Pistol.
Because there are no separate arms, the pose is not particularly inspiring, the arms are designed to take a rifle weapon. There are only two left hand options, the archaic tablet and a grenade. The right hand options are a Mag Pistol (above) and a Plasma pistol.

The almost toga like clothing does not mesh between the torso and legs, so there will be a need to use some Greenstuff to fill in the gaps.

The second squad is again one leader, one Micro-X grenade launcher and four troops with Mag Guns.
For this figure I cut the right arm below the elbow away from the torso and used some plastic rod to get the arm the correct length. She is armed with a Mag Pistol and is holding a grenade in her left hand.
Her headphones obscure the profile of her nose in the following shot. Greenstuff will be used to blend the right arm in, the elbow pad from the arm has been cut off, sculpted and added back to the arm.
There will be a need for some greenstuff to blend the torso and legs together.
Three of the figures were used to build a Domari Garrison command squad from the Garrison Army list. The basic command squad is one leader with a plasma pistol and two bodyguards with plasma carbines.
For the commander figure, the forearms were cut at the elbows and the arms rotated. The grenade hand was used for left hand, the plasma pistol for the right.
 This will need some Greenstuff work.

The optional headset was narrowed so it connected both sides of the head..
As you can see, there is a need for some greenstuff on the join.