Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Million to One...

All Quiet On The Martian Front was a Kickstarter financed 15mm scale miniatures game involving the second Martian Invasion, this time in the USA.

The Martian tripods are available separately, and here are some pictures of the first one I have assembled.
The box set (purchased from Ian Allan in Birmingham) contains three identical sets of two sprues (see above, the brown circular object is a 25mm base). There is a bit of flash and minor mould lines, easily removed with a scalpel blade. Two of the legs are not articulated, one has a ball joint and two normal joints allowing that leg to be posed. The joins on the articulated leg need some patience (something I am lacking) to get the two pieces that wrap around the ball joint to fit neatly but they go together eventually. Dry runs are a must.

The sprues contain all the options, default Heat Ray, Heat Ray plus Green Gas grenades and Heat Ray plus Black Dust Launcher.

For the first one, I went with just the Heat Ray. Just to be different, I used the Green Gas grenade holding arm rather than the normal one.

William Killan volunteered as the scale figure.

Even scaled at 15mm, they are large compared to a Crooked Dice 28mm figure.

The two tentacles are quite delicate, I managed to break its left one while cleaning up the mould lines. applying plenty of liquid poly to melt the two faces of the join and then steady pressure allow the tentacle to be re-attached.

Not shown is a sort of hip/waist piece that joins the legs to the body, I did not think ti added to the figure and it goes together fine without it.

 The carapace is quite plain
the face is also quite plain, the eye could do with being a bit more distinctive with some lens detail to aid the painting.

So, quite a nice Martian figure, or where you want a tripod.