Thursday, April 17, 2014

Warlord Games/Italeri M4 Sherman

The first plastic kit from the teaming up of Warlord Games and Italeri was released at Salute 2014.

The kit comes in a standard Warlord Games box and comprises two well moulded sprues, a transfer sheet and a set of instructions.

 The kit goes together well and the only areas that needed any minor filing on the side of the upper hull (the eagle eyed will notice I need to go back and file an area near the rear appliqué armour on the right hand side). The join between the top and bottom parts of the turret needed a bit of filing as well.

 The only problem I had was with the towing shackles, I was unsure of which way up they should go.

The other thing to remember is to put the engine exhaust boxes in before gluing the top and bottom parts of the hull together. You can add them afterwards, but it is hard work (read the instructions ^___^).

Here are some views of the assembled kit after undercoating.

See what I mean about going back and removing the remaining mould line behind the appliqué armour.

Overall it is a nice simple kit to put together and it certainly looks like an M4.