Wednesday, April 23, 2014

M8 Grizzly Medium Walker

Clockwork Goblin Miniatures had their new range of 28mm War Without End figures and vehicles at Salute this year.

One of the models was the M8 Grizzly Medium Walker. Rules for incorporating the walker into Bolt Action games are available as a download on their website (it is classified as a Walker, Light Tank equivalent armour - all round, armed with a medium anti-tank gun).

The M8 Grizzly Medium Walker is supplied as a mixed resin and white metal kit.
The resin pieces are cleanly cast, with very limited mould feeds. As can be seen above, there are feeds on the shoulders and the hip joints. It was not until I examined the picture that I realised that the gun mantlet was not in the picture.
The only major work was to widen the turret hatch openings and make the hatches a slightly smaller diameter so the hatches were nearly flush.

The hip joints were pinned, and a circle of milliput provided a secure joint. The dark areas are where I painted the inside of the vision slits and parts of the body.
The walker compares well in size with the M4 Sherman tank from Warlord Games.
William Killan for scale. I should have been more careful removing the mould feed on the shoulder.
Warlord Games BEF infantry man.

A quick comparison between the M100 Comanche light walker from Westwind (SOTR).

The model will be finished as a Lend Lease vehicle in British service (as will the Comanche) when I get round to it.

Some additional shots of an undercoated M8 with an M4 for comparison.