Friday, May 20, 2016

Evil Bear Panther

Evil Bear produce a range of 1/50 resin and white metal vehicles and 28mm figures (powered armour mainly) suitable for modern and ultramodern gaming.

The first one I am putting together is the British Army Panther Command and Control vehicle.
The kit went together easily (I have not added the front wheel arch armour as it interferes with the front wheels for painting etc.). It is as good as an Empress kit, and to the same scale (i.e. actually too large for 28mm scale which is 1/56).

Initially I was going to paint it with PSC British Tank spray, but due to a fortuitous accident I used PSC Field Grey. As I am going to use it for transport for Time Lift Security, the different colour looks good, not sure about what I am going to use for decals.