Saturday, May 21, 2016

Modern British Electronics Specialist.

So, the figure is now "finished".

The Multicam was painted using Citadel paints, mainly because the amount of paint needed was small and I had bought some a few years back just for Multicam.

The first colour was Steel Legion Drab. This was applied as horizontal (-ish) lines across the figure's clothing (so the lines are actually almost vertical on the right forearm etc.).

The second colour was Death World Forest. This was applied roughly parallel with the Drab but slightly deeper. The contrast with the Vallejo Khaki (shaded with Citadel Agrax Earthshade) and the Steel Legion Drab is actually rather low, I am not sure if a different (darker) green would have been better.

I also used it on the rifle and the helmet straps.

The next colour was Rhinox Hide. This was applied as thin squiggly verticals.

The final colour for the camouflage was Karak Stone. This was applied as small splodges.
 The pony tail at the back was painted Vallejo Dark Sand and then inked with my ancient Citadel Flesh Wash (the one with the blue lid and hexagonal body).

The base was  first coated with Woodland Scenics fine Cinder ballast and then, after initial spray painting,  painted with Vallejo Burnt Umber. It was dry brushed with Citadel Terminates Stone and washed with Citadel Agrax Earthshade followed by a Citadel Gryphon Sepia wash.

Static grass (straw, short) from The Grass Masters and Woodland Scenics Burnt Grass Coarse Foliage and turf  were then added.