Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Rubicon M5A1 Stuart VI

At Salute this year, I picked up a few Rubicon kits, including the M5A1.

The kit went together easily. The only issue I had with the kit was the fixing of the mantle onto the gun barrel. It still looks a bit squint.

Photographic evidence of British use of this Lend-Lease tank in British service is scarce. I might have used the wrong turret option (the turret is the early version without the shield around the anti-aircraft gun on the right hand side).

Here are a couple of pictures.

Some tidying up is required, the rear plate of the hull needs a bit of tidying.

As I used the early form of the turret, and the colour plate in British Tanks In Normandy did not show  the rear hull basket, I did not use that option.

Stowage will need to be added.