Thursday, April 7, 2016

Warlord Games Stug III

The Stug III was a German fire support vehicle initially attached to infantry units in World War 2. Over time, its role was expanded and its firepower increased.

The kit is simple to construct and went together without problems, except for the side skirt supports.

There are instructions to drill out holes for the spare track on the hull front, but no mention of the requirement to drill out holes in the upper hull to take the side skirt supports. Luckily I had not glued the top and bottom halves together.

This is going to be a Late War variant, so it is not going to be carrying lots of stores. So far I have added four sections of spare track from the Rubicon  German Stowage set.

I have managed to lose one of the spare wheels that should go on the rear deck, I could use the two from Rubicon, but they are a very different size.

We shall see.