Friday, April 22, 2016

Work in Progress

Warlord Games sdkfz 251 C half track (you might notice the metal weapon support insert as this will be a command carrier with a 37mm AT gun).
 The two crates are from the Die Waffenkammer Comet kit.
 Warlord Games Stug III with added Rubicon Stowage Set Panzer/Stug III track.
 I do need to add another two helmets on the track rack on this side.

In the Armoured Fury box set there are two Panthers and three M4 kits. Here is the first one from the set.
 Double banked the spare track on one side.
Added a track hanger on the other side and cut two links off of one of the four link sets from the Rubicon Stowage set. Two other four link sets have been added to the turret.