Thursday, April 21, 2016

Salute 2016

Salute 2016 was held at the Excel centre in East London.

In previous years, the queue to get in has run the length of the Excel centre, much to the bemusement to annoyance of the Marathon Runners, Urologists and Property Buyers who also have registrations or conferences in one of the halls.

Last year the organisers had the queue in an adjacent empty hall, and this year once again the queue was in an adjacent hall.

I arrived at 1000, and there were a lot of people.
The queue was good humoured and we were into the show in good time.

So, what was there. Well, lots, and I managed to miss a number of stands that I had wanted to visit, plus I was unaware that Nexus Miniatures had a presence on one of the stands (which is a pity as I wanted some of the figures - oh well).

Normally my first stop is Hasslefree, but because of the entry point being from the side, I ended up stopping at the Wayland Games for a Terminator Spider Tank.

As I was passing Warlord Games (it was on the way), I picked up the Project Z game and a set of Project Z Special Ops, Gates Of Antares Concord and Ghar Bomber box sets plus the pre-release Concord CM3-M4 Combat Drone.
Assembled and undercoated (Citadel Mourning brown) with a squad of Concord troopers.

Finally I reached Hasslefree. Excellent range of figures, below is the Ekaterina figure painted up as Chloe from A.G.E.N.T.S. for 7TV.

 Plastic Soldier Company had the recent Rubicon models kits on a four for five deal, so, well...
I also bought a can of PSC British Tank green, only one of the above is not going to be green, guess which one?

Crooked Dice had their new figures and so I am now up to date. I also bought the Department X and Paranormal Exterminators' character cards. I also got the Camera man.

Spectre Miniatures had two SUVs, one normal, the other with off road mods including bull bars and extended air intake. This is the off road one (the air intake is not fitted).
On the Warlord Games stand, Clockwork Goblin had their 28mm Conflict '47 range on pre-release.

Here is the Spinne mech.
 Warlord Games Stug III for scale.
The crew man has a hat, I will convert the figure with the Westward SHS German head in helmet and gas mask.