Wednesday, June 29, 2011

More Astronauts and Scientists...

Here are three work in progress scientists and astronauts.
They are in various stages of painting, but highlight the conversion possibilities of the Crooked Dice figures.

There is one additional figure in this set, he uses the scientist holding a beaker body (holding a beaker, not with a beaker body), the bouffant head from the Minion head set and the hand holding the tablet computer from the ARC astronaut figure (the body being used for Commander John King below).

This is Dr Melody Lake, a simple head swap of the ARC Melody Lake head and the female scientist. I smoothed off the clipboard detail and rounded the edges to make it more representative of a tablet computer.
 Dr Milly Fogel is a slightly more complex conversion, the female scientist head, the 'unarmed' Minion optional pistol hand and the removal of the Photonic Spanner hand from the Melody Lake astronaut.
 Commander Jon King uses the male scientist head, the ARC astronaut with tablet computer and the 'unarmed' Minion pistol.