Sunday, June 5, 2011

Finecast review (part 1)

So having photographed the new Finecast Huron Blackheart and the Forge World Assault Marine, here are the pictures:

The packaging of the Fincast model is interesting, full colour photograph of the assembled miniature on one side of the blister pack, the other side allows you to see the sprues. The blister pack appears to require you to cut through the blister (other manufacturers blisters are 'reusable', but do not need to stand up to the level of handling - and possible associated 'shrinkage' - the GW ones experience). There is more plastic than the previous card backed blisters.

As you can see, both are very fine mouldings, and both have components that have fallen off the supporting sprues. The Forge World figure has been rattling around in a Salute bag, the Finecast I bought today.
The resin material of the Forge World miniature feels slightly slippery, I have not washed it yet (as recommended by Forge World) so that might change.
 The next test is to assemble and then paint them.