Saturday, June 18, 2011

Distractions are the 'Bain' of my life...

I have just received the excellent Scientists miniatures from Crooked Dice, together with some of the Albion Rocket Consortium astronauts.
The photograph shows the female scientist (Dr Milly Fogel) and the ARC astronaut Melody Lake (I removed the Melody head from the sprue to check for conversion purposes).

The intention (assuming nothing else distracts me) is to build a Melody Lake in lab coat (head swap and change the clipboard - so end of last century- to a tablet computer), and Dr Fogel in a Vac Suit (head swap plus a replacement for the photonic spanner - either scratch build a staple gun or the gun from the minion sprue). The bases will be Slaters' 7mm scale granite setts (ship or lab).

Of course, Crooked Dice have just released The Guru figure, and one of the heads just cries out to be used with the Scientist Pointing Binatone TV. There are also some additional heads, and the bearded Tweedy head would suit the Scientist Holding Beaker of Meths.

I have done some work on the Finecast Huron figure, built up a 40mm base and used the Chaos base bit from the Chaos Terminator Lord, but this has grabbed my attention at the moment.